For the Universe

by Emily Wilcox 2 years ago in happiness

There is always a reason to be you.

For the Universe

It’s scary sometimes, especially in the moments that you think, “hold on, why again?” Because it’s almost as if everything that you have ever worked for, ever dreamed of, it’s all momentarily covered in a cloud of doubt, a fog made from fear and panic and whatever else. It’s never quite an easy answer to the question: “But why are we here? What are we doing? What is the point of all this?”

But, I’ll tell you one thing, if you have ever been to England for long enough, you’ll notice that it doesn’t rain forever. It does eventually stop, despite how grey it might seem.

And here are some reasons why people need to believe that. Why we need to hold on a bit longer and realise that the thoughts nagging at the back of our minds are just thoughts. That’s it. They don’t need to be anything more than that if you don’t want them to be. There is always a reason to keep going, to do the things you love and bring happiness. So:

• At the very root of everything, we share this world with others. Billions upon billions of people and animals and nature, all lives that are so important and beautiful and telling stories that the universe will remember for always. So, if nothing else, strive to make them happy. To make them proud. If you can’t find any other purpose in life for yourself, then make it your goal to make others’ lives meaningful. Work with animals and help them get adopted. Volunteer at a care home and spend time with the elderly. Help out as many people as you can, whenever you can, and you will find that that is purpose enough for you. That you are doing something important for the world. One life, one story, at a time.

• If there’s nothing you feel you are passionate enough to spend your time doing, and you feel like there’s just nothing out there for you, always remember that despite that, you are loved. By somebody, anybody, everybody. There is always somebody out there hoping that you will keep going. Always wanting you to be happy and safe and loved. A family member, a friend, a stranger who one day will think of you as the world. So do it for them, because love makes the universe exist, and if you decided to give up, then there is one less story engraved in the stars and one more scar on the world that will never heal. Keep going, if not for you, then for them.

• There will always be something out there that you love. Somebody out there that you love. And if you don’t know that, then that just means you haven’t quite found it. But you will, you just have to keep looking. Discovering. Exploring. Trying. It could be a hobby or a sport or a job or a place or a pet or a person or a group of people or all of the above. And if it means something to you, then that is a perfect reason to keep doing it forever. As long as it is not hurting anybody else’s heart or body or mind. You will find it, them, trust me. You’ll see.

• Do what you love, what makes you happy, for the people you love and who love you. Really, you should.

Just never forget how important you are. How brilliant and amazing and unforgettable. And just because there are billions of other stories being written all over the universe right now, it doesn’t mean that yours is any less extraordinary. There are billions of stars in our galaxy, and billions of galaxies in our universe. But each individual star, like our sun, is important and beautiful to something or somebody, like our solar system. The sun gives us light, so shine yours on the world. And go make your story one that the universe will be proud of.

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