Finding Peace in Chaos

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Is There a Point?

Finding Peace in Chaos
Nomyo Ho Renge Kyo

These times have put the world through the ultimate emotional meat grinder. No one can watch the news without seeing something that hurts, or causes them to sink just a little deeper into the motions of the chaos. How do we find peace, when it’s so hard to look at the world without falling to pieces and asking what’s the point? Why should we find that peace? What’s the point when there’s so much working against us right now?

Because we’re worth fighting for, that’s why.

We’re worth fighting for, even if it feels like a losing battle. We’re worth praying for, even if it doesn’t feel like anyone is listening. We’re worth loving, even if we can’t bring the most important person to realize how important that love is, ourselves. We’re worth the hard work it takes to bring ourselves to happiness, to a place of peace, even if someone tells you otherwise. There’s a reason people view themselves as the most important relationship, the relationship we have with ourselves, is the relationship the shows through all of our other relationships. We can’t love others, without loving ourselves. So where do we go from here, if we know that the love we have for ourselves is the most important love we can have?

We go back to what makes us happy.

When we’re in relationships with other people, we think about what makes them happy, and do what we can to make them happy; we give them the flowers they like, take them to the restaurants they love, take them on their dream vacation; we put so much work into what others want and need that we don’t think about what we might want. For example, why don’t we ask ourselves what we need in this moment? Because the world says it’s selfish to be a little selfish? There’s a different between selfish as the world might see it, and the selfishness we actually need. We need to read the books we know we’ve wanted to read for years, we need to write the books we’ve wanted for years to write; if that’s what you want, you need to go for it. Let this pandemic be the turning point to start over. To start over with how we plan to live the rest of our lives.

In case you haven’t read my previous essays, I’ve been really struggling with everything going on in the world, much like everyone else in the world right now. It’s come to a point where it’s almost hard to get out of bed, out of my house, even if I know I have to. However, I’ve come to a place where that’s not going to get it anymore. It’s not going to cut it in the game of life to just say sorry for the things you’re not sorry for, where you want to self-sabotage even if you know it’s going to get you nowhere. Well, that’s not a way to live, and when I come to the end of my life, I don’t want to regret anything. I don’t about all the sorry’s I didn’t say, or the asses I didn’t kiss to keep up at a job I don’t like and where I’m not liked. Life’s too short, that much has been proven true in this pandemic. We’ve been reminded of this truth every day, for the past six months. Life is too short. So since it’s short, I’m not wasting time.

You’ll be seeing more entries here. You’ll see more topics, more ideas, and just a little bit of everything for everyone. I might make this a little series, how we manage to find peace in this chaos. For each essay, I’ll tell you all something different that helps me find peace. Just as something to tell everyone it’s okay to be happy, even if the rest of the world isn’t.

Objective for the upcoming week, meditate, chant or pray (whatever it is you believe it) and learn to let go of things that you don’t need to carry for good. If it weighs you don’t, let it go. If it hurts your back, then let it go. Work on letting things go, and surrendering to whatever brings you closer to happiness.

Coco Jenae`
Coco Jenae`
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