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Financial Coach and Best-Selling Author, Shereen Reeves:

Educating Others On How To Become Debt-Free

By Dr. P. GurleyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Retired Lieutenant Colonel and Best-Selling Author of “Drop the Bomb: A Guide to Get Out of Debt and Stay Out of Debt,” Shereen Reeves, has set the tone for paving the way people get out of debt. From writing a book to coaching, Shereen Reeves has stopped at nothing to ensure people can live financially free lives. As a matter of fact, she has built an institution around it.

Former Financial Coach Shereen Reeves created the Shereen Reeves Institute to provide financial management classes to help her clients become debt-free. A love for teaching in-person called for an abrupt pivot when the pandemic hit. Teaching online (virtually) became a blessing and something she found enjoyable and a natural at. It also paved a path for her to extend her reach to more people from all over the U.S.

When asked to share a strategy to highlight the importance of a financial mindset in one's life, Shereen Reeves had this to say:

Imagine this, you go to work all week long, and at the end of the week, there are companies with hands extended asking for money. What do I mean by hands extended asking for money? There is interest paid on your credit card, car loan, student loan, appliance loan, mortgage loan, and whatever else you may have taken a loan out for. When I looked at the amount of money we were paying in interest each month on our house, I got fighting mad!!!!! My husband and I directed the anger towards paying off our bills like you would not believe. Can you imagine all these folks in your pocket? This is one of the primary reasons why our ability to build wealth is a very slow process.

The strategy is to AVOID FINANCING A.K.A BORROWING MONEY. Pay off any loans you have early and pay cash for whatever you if you can.

So, how does one change the dialogue about debt and financial freedom when having liquid seems further and further away from use? Shereen Reeves feels liquid currency is not further away. She passionately feels you have what you say and what is shown in your assets (and your bank account).

Every day, a person has the option to spend money on something, or that same person can decide to do something different. Shereen Reeves's goal is to show you how to change your financial mindset so your money can work for you. Of course, no one can stop anyone from spending money; however, if you are not willing to change your mindset, you cannot change your spending habits.

When asked the most important lesson, Shereen Reeves has learned in her own financial journey and making financial management a reality for herself, she said, "Saying NO!"

Shereen Reeves believes “NO” is an anointed word, and when used, people are going to feel like you’ve cursed them out. She heavily feels you must learn to say NO to say YES to your financial freedom. Feeling the empowerment behind the word "NO" is one of the most important outcomes of a mindset shift.

So, when you start your journey in wealth management, Shereen Reeves has made it very clear not to make any announcements about it. "Just wake up and say this is one of the best days of my life, and I am going to enjoy this journey," she says.

When asked about her personal aspirations, Shereen Reeves said, "I want to travel worldwide, hosting conferences, workshops, and retreats as I continue to motivate people to live this life called DEBT FREEDOM!!!!! "

Financial freedom is available to all of us, and it is never too late to start. The first step is investing in yourself and educating yourself on tips to help you drop the bomb on the debt you have.

Want more information? Connect with Shereen Reeves at: [email protected]


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