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Feeling Unconvinced

Feelings and how I think

By Katelyn GludPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

You may wonder why I have the title as feeling unconvinced. Maybe it is true. I’m not convinced people take mental health as serious as it should be. Isn’t it weird how we still live in a world that preaches on anti bullying and peace and love but yet still see a lot of people still being cruel to others? They say lead by example but is the preaching working? Or is it pretty much a standpoint? The real question is will people ever be able to fix this mess? In my opinion no unfortunately not. Because people will always use hate to get clout. People will do anything to get fame. Or use their inner problems to project the hate they feel for themselves onto others. I feel if we was to take mental health issues more serious we could help people cope better and the hate wouldn’t be so loud. We have to take time to understand mental illnesses and research them and to grasp the triggers and how each mental illness is created. I will say it is not anyone’s responsibility for one’s personal trigger. But I will say just being considerate of one another can go a long way. Each person copes different, each person thinks different, so every thing people say can be interpreted differently to one person to the next. That’s why it’s important we learn how to stop and think how we phrase things and our tone of voice. Even if we aren’t responsible for one’s trigger, we can always not make their mind worse. People think it’s cool to have these hype attitudes about how they be petty and do this or that. But does that add fuel to the fire a little bit? People need to know when and when not to say something and people need to learn how to react to certain situations. How you act and how you think and present yourself is important. It doesn’t matter what people think. But it does matter about your presentation to a point. Because how you present is how you can make people feel. And caring about other people’s feelings is not a weakness. Being kind is not weak. Acting higher than someone is weak because it’s belittling. There’s a difference between being strong and independent than being mean and belittling. You can teach someone how to be strong by always saying things the right way and the right ethics. It’s about patience and being humble and being an example. Mental illnesses come from people who are toxic and hurting themselves inside. Where does mental illness start? Where does being mean start? By being hurt. I do believe we can make changes in lives if we change mindsets and change how we treat people. I also had to realize that sometimes apologizing to people doesn’t mean you are in the wrong but you are ending the situation and making terms with someone. What’s more important your ego or you being right? Always be considerate of everyone you meet and learn how to cope with your problems. Because you have to learn to heal first. Every one you meet has a story that is left untold and how you treat someone matters and you leave your impact on them. Let that be your story is how well of a person you are and in the end you are going to be fulfilled in your life. Knowing you lead and example for others and your kids and grandkids. They will know who they should be and how they should act. It all starts with you.

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Katelyn Glud

If I have learnt one thing from life it isn’t easy, and it doesn’t get better and it boils down to how you look at it that will make it true or false. ❤️

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