Doubting Myself

by Nikki Dukes 4 months ago in success

Finding the Will to Succeed

Doubting Myself

Today was the very first day that I started doubting myself and what I want to achieve. I had in my mind that I wanted to be an Exponential Coach and Empowerment Specialist. This is not my first step in the process. July 2015 I started a blog. I was going very strong then I wrote my first and only e-book in December 2015. I have been reading, writing, studying, working on me, and even coaching friends and family on their life journey.

Now I am looking in the mirror, saying to myself, what else do I need or who do I need to become to get people to trust me and let me help them? I am currently running a campaign offering my services by donations, letting people set the price point and still no bite. I don't want to quit, but I am feeling like I can't keep pushing myself. This sounds bad I know, but I am not perfect and this is what I want to share because we are not perfect.

I believe in the steps of this process on my journey so I will continue to be focused, even when I doubt myself. I must find my will to succeed. This has now become my focus, to eliminate the self doubt. So in my role as a coach, sometimes I really have to coach myself like a client.

Time to start with powerful questions, challenging myself to come up with a solution to this current issue. Coaching oneself can be a very difficult thing to do when you have to self-motivate. In this discovery, sometimes family members won't be the ideal candidates to help get you motivated and back on track. Pushing yourself becomes a task that you wish to be given to someone else.

Looking from the outside in, what powerful question needs to be asked and answered? First question: Why this feeling of doubt? Second question: What's the plan to remove it? This first phase of questioning is easily spoken, but hard to find a solution. Don't know where to look, don't know where the doubt is coming from? I believe I have great confidence and I am very skillful at what I do, but I am still in doubt of myself.

Digging deep within I can see fear as the reason for this doubt. Fear, a four letter word with a lot of weight. How could this be? I say to myself. I am the one always stepping out on faith. Taking the big jump like it's nothing. Now here comes more questions. Is it because I am turning it into a business? But I've done business before. Is it no clients, no results—but I have family and friends that have results from my coaching and empowerment, which includes myself. So what really is it?

Now, I will have to place myself on a solution step phase. This is the beginning of helping myself not become stuck in this position.

Take control: In taking control I have to be more aware of my thoughts. Remaining positive is a beautiful thing in the process. Viewing myself is very important. Knowing how I see myself will make a big difference in taking control.

Focus: Focus on what is ahead and what I am trying to accomplish. Elevate myself by getting rid of the unnecessary distractions.

Keep learning: Never stop learning your craft. Right now the feeling of self-doubt has rushed into the picture, but becoming much more skillful will help eliminate a lot of that doubt. Being the best at what you do will create what is wanted and needed.

Never underestimate oneself: A lot of us don't operate at our full potential. The will to do more and be more is in all of us. We just don't take the time to dig deep within ourselves. Keep looking for ways to grow.

List tasks and execute: This is more of developing goals with a plan of action. Now we know the problem, so what is needed for a solution? A list of goals to get to the end results that you want. This is done by listing them with the action needed to accomplish the task at hand.

I know this is one of the many struggles that I will have, but I will keep learning how to get over each and every one of them. I just really have to have patience with myself. I have to develop patience in being discovered by others. Trusting, believing, and keeping the faith in myself on this journey will also help keep doubt at bay.

My journey continues...

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