Don't Become a Slave to Others

by Erik scott 4 months ago in self help

Do you live in the penthouse alone?

Don't Become a Slave to Others

The strength of a person is only as strong as their thoughts and desires? Would you agree?

We are NOT born with great credentials, we have to work for what want in this life, and this is where one must find their passions, and use these gifts they are given daily to truly become our greatest selves.

Even though there may be individuals that have it “easier” than others, is it really easy? From the outside looking in maybe, but there is no true way to tell unless we experience or see firsthand how it really is. Have you ever met someone that you believed had it easy, only to find out they have been struggling for a lifetime?

Being born does not guarantee anything—you must be willing to put forth the time and effort. We all have failures and defeats that, at one time or another, would be easily handled by some, however not for everyone. Your win today, the challenge you faced, the effort you put in, and the time it took to make it, may be totally different from your neighbor, but why? Because we are all different, and have areas in our lives that affect us each in their own way.

This is like an opinion. One of the sayings I use often is:

Your opinion is your opinion, my opinion is my opinion, what you think about me is your business.

Though this can be hard for many to consider, it is something that if worked towards can be effective, especially in a person's daily life, and can help individuals face adversity head on.

Even though everyone has to face adversity, what you face, may break you down to the core, where the next person, could just get back up and move on. The events that caused someone to crumble under pressure, could be the pillar that one would stand on in victory. Which one are you?

Another thing to consider when coming face to face with these challenges are, knowing your own strengths, and where they come from. So another powerful question is, where does your strength come from? Have you found it yet? Have you been truly tested yet? What have you overcome in victory? When will you know?

You will know when you have been through the above, and are finally taking the steps to use the strength given to you… So what are you going to do with your strength? Are you using it wisely? Did you learn from the lessons the challenges provided for you?

I have met people in many walks of life that have many areas of strength, but are unwilling to share their strengths. Whether it be pride, or worry they may lose the power that could come along with it. I believe that we are to use our strengths to support a bigger picture, and help others when and where they are weak.

If we are only into personal victory, we eventually will become physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted, making us vulnerable. I have seen many with great victory soon spiral into great lows in life, because they are doing it all alone. But this is when you should lean on others the most.

Do not become a slave to others, because you are too worried about living in a penthouse. Rather, reach to the ones who need help, and bring them up to your level. This will do two things:

  1. Make them better as they now have experience and knowledge
  2. Make you a better leader, as you are leading others to your level of competence.

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