Do You Deserve?

by Chana Saacks 4 months ago in advice

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Do You Deserve?

Head spinning and thoughts exploding, life feels like it is going nowhere in this moment that I’m experiencing. Feelings of failure come crashing down, making my eyes begin to close and tears begin to flow. Shame creeps in, saying, “Who am I to succeed?” Feeling not worthy of much, still I push my luck and again I end up in the same spot.

Thoughts are everything, reactions are even more. Our thoughts turn into beliefs and are beliefs tun into our core. It’s a cycle, good or bad, it all depends on the next steps. Feeling guilty of who you are won’t do you any good, instead say, “I’m human, I did all that I could”. Because you did, you are doing your best today, it may not be someone else’s 100% but it is yours and that’s completely okay.

Everyday will be different, somedays it may feel like you’re giving only 10%. Though never cut yourself short, give yourself a break, life is meant to be curvy, no-one has it straight. So challenge those inner thoughts and change those beliefs. However long it takes to break a habit, use that as a cheat sheet. Negative self talk is a bad habit that needs to be stopped, it may take long time to break but that’s only because it took so long to build up.

There will be days where there will be one step taken back, there will be days where there will be two steps taken back. As easy as it is to get discouraged and give up, there will be no progress in abandoning the plan that you worked so hard to commit to. Going slow and pacing yourself does not have the same qualities as quitting. It doesn’t matter how fast ones speed is, as long as one is pushing and moving in the right direction then you’re doing just fine.

So when your head is spinning and your thoughts are exploding and life feels like it is going nowhere just breathe, breathe in positive thoughts and out the negative ones. As humans we only see from our point of view, our eyes can only see so far. So if things are not clear don’t worry, for our view is limited and sometimes even obstructed by the thoughts we have from the questions we don’t have answers to. We deserve more than we believe we do, so don’t settle for anything less than you deserve, not even from yourself. Although deserve is a strange and abstract word for who can say what we deserve, it has a purpose like we all do.

The meaning of deserve: Having or showing qualities of worthiness.

Deserve is a heavy word, but important all the same. Don’t settle for less because it is within arms reach, reach for higher than you’ve ever imagined you’d go. Write a list of your dreams and make them a reality for your only limit is you. What you say you can or can’t do that is exactly what will be, you create your chances.

Opportunities come and go, it is up to you to make them grow for they may come in small packages and it’s your job to unravel it. Like a gift that knocked on your door, a pleasant surprise yet you still dream for more. Though dreams are not just dreams, they are visions that you could pursue. Don’t throw away opportunities because they are scary or too big to ponder for you. Follow your heart and you’ll find your dreams, follow your dreams and you’ll find where you need to be.

Chana Saacks
Chana Saacks
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Chana Saacks

Pain is inevitable, I know that. What I didn’t know was that perspective can change. All it takes is a pair of different colored glasses, and of course a bit of work. I’m almost there, I can feel it. I want to share that with the world :)

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