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Dear Janelle

by Janelle Reeves 11 months ago in self help

This IS YOUR year!

My hand drawn 2021 vision

Dear Janelle,

You know that 2020 was a tough year with Covid19 but keep in mind, you were very mentally and physically unwell for more than 12 months. With trying new therapy for depression, TMS, meant going off and on my mood stabiliser. This medication was one of the primary causes for my initial ongoing and continual weight gain. Not surprisingly, I started to put weight on again, bringing the need for the second bariatric surgery to a high priority. Then when you went to the surgeon, who did the original surgery was very abrupt so you sought a second opinion.

With the new surgeon on board, he did a thorough examination and testing and found you also had a hiatus hernia. When told of the hernia, there had been no symptoms, but 3 weeks later, in June, you were mexperiencing horrible symptoms making solid foods incredibly difficult to consume. Surgery was scheduled for July 28 2020. You were so relieved and ready for surgery but, you had developed a rash that was on your stomach, face, chest and arms and the surgery was postponed.

The rash you developed was an allergy rash to the mood stabilisers that you had been on for over 15 years, but the TMS treatment meant going off and on that medication developing an allergic reaction. Surgery was postponed until August, but the rash was still present so it was postponed again until 22nd September 2020. With all the challenges you had faced, having to relearn how to manage your mood swings, regaining 18 kilos of the 50kg you had lost, isolating yourself (even 12 months before COVID) at home and having some of the worst episodes you have experienced; you still managed to work towards making lifelong lifestyle changes!

Whilst recovering from surgery in Septembe, you were still affected by the rash on your arms and face, so sanding wood, mixing silicone or resin or even painting were activities y ou could not partake in at that time. It was at this time that you decided to embrace the social media platform, LinkedIn. The amount of information available on this platform is INCREDIBLE! The opportunities to connect, communicate and improve your self-development were unbelievable. You were able to utilise so much information and resources from this platform that enabled you to reidentify your purpose and rediscover your passions. Needles to say that the plan were working on for an holistic lifestyle change to live your ideal life has created many opportunities. From being able to enjoy time with my husband and family, embracing nature, being more active, feeling more energised from good foods and planning your ideal life. With increasing interest in the changes you have made, you decided to name your plan the “New ‘ME’ Journey - MIND-BODY-SPIRIT” program.

There are many positives in store for you over the coming twelve months. Are you prepared to make the changes you need to embrace and grow these opportunities?

You need to continue with your journey, it is only January 2021 and you have already lost 18 kegs, taken on a workout challenge and started to visualise your life plan and what that involves. Keep going, plan your dream home down to the exact position of power points, plan your dream holiday, think about new adventures that were previously unattainable. You also need to continue with developing a coaching business, you have so much knowledge about maintaining good mental health and your lived experience gives you that true life experience. Share this information, share an attitude of gratitude, share the importance of self-care.

I imagine that when you read back on this letter, you will look back and see all the hard work has been worth it and that you will have exceeded many of your expectations. Remember the saying “aim for the moon, at least if you miss you will still land among the states”, so aim for the moon!

You understand that you lost your focus and you have been able to identify and are able to move forward, even if at times it is only by an inch, you are still moving forward. Keep going you have so much to give and you deserve to live your ideal life. So make 2021 YOUR year Janelle, you owe it to yourself and you deserve it!

Sincerely yours,



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Janelle Reeves

I am a 49 year old wife, mother and grandmother who has recently started a business partnership with my 19 year old son, Nananell’s Handicrafts. Now I stumbled onto Vocal, where I can write short stories in a brief amount of time.


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Janelle Reeves
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