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by Sound And The Messenger 12 months ago in healing

In The Making

Five Tips For Creativity!

The idea for this video started out at around two am on a Friday morning. I did this thing about five months ago where I found this book called "The Five AM Club" by Robin Sharma. I read it through cover to cover or screen to screen because it was really a clicking process rather than me flipping through the pages. In 48 hours it was finished. It was a binge read and then I was inspired to try it and I did it for 90 days straight. I found it was actually easier to get up at 4am most mornings and even one morning I found myself rising at 3am, which was a mistake I think, but at the end I did it. If there was a pencil and piece of paper and box drawn on that piece of paper where I could fill in a check mark I would've done so. There I was at ninety days, feeling accomplished and then my back went out. I think that coincided with a relationship breakup. It wasn't the reaction I was expecting, but as they say "everybody's painting a different picture" aren't they? Where one person might've viewed the sum of the equation as weakness, I saw it as transition, but in fact it was quite a lengthy transition. Most of the winter season I was supposed to be teaching skiing, but instead I grew to be just flexible enough to give massage to other backs, all the while wearing a back brace. I was very blessed to be working with some extremely talented therapists and so work was workable, the giving was full and the season of working another winter in Colorado passed with the majority of my time being spent either massaging, hanging out with cheery co-workers or playing music. I couldn't ski, but at least I could play guitar with my band mates, which was lovely! Music was made in the late hours usually, so I did say goodbye to that possibility of rising at 5am though. Was it a set back? "perspective my dear Watson" I'd have to say. Possibly, the creative edge was calling as supposed to the sharpened edges of my ski equipment? Only time will tell. Towards early spring I was getting back to my athletic self and was able to skin up mountains again. It felt good, but then the situation changed yet again and the world was put in time out. The meditations have been deep, the guitar has been a constant friend and creativity has been at an all time high.

After the first couple of days of being confined to my quarters, I noticed there was a space in the world that wasn't necessarily there before. It seemed like the world was relaxing, taking some needed breathes. It was an emotional time as well. For me it was alone time, moments to contemplate the wide expanse of my thoughts in silence. I've done that a lot already and have often found myself asking myself in the mirror of what life is. The mirror is quite silent in response except for my reflection, which I've learned isn't a perfect replication of my image scientifically speaking, but then again what is existence and so I find myself usually then watching "The Matrix" again. There's never a dull moment in the contemplation of contemplation.

The whole silence thing definitely happened again though and with greater rigor as the whole world was involved along with me this time, a gigantic symphony of parading mind thinkers, similarly thinking and if they were alone, not doing much talking, which seems to be the foundation of intelligence I think. As much as it has been quite a hard time for artists as all the gigs were mostly canceled, it also has been a healing time for all artists as it has been a time where art sharing has been at an all time high. I think it has been a time where many worldly souls have started asking the question that many artists probably ask themselves often which is.."What kind of artist am I?" The experience is different for us all, but I think we have been all united in our time out, or time in as we're mostly "exploring the great indoors" lately as my buddy Sally aptly points out. So what are you doing to pass the time? I'm making videos and reminiscing on worldly Japanese adventures of five years ago, all the while making music. Please WATCH and click the SUBSCRIBE button and LIKE and SHARE and CREATE too! I appreciate you.

Thank You,


Sound And The Messenger

Sound And The Messenger
Sound And The Messenger
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Sound And The Messenger

Hello and welcome. Creativity shows itself in a myriad of different ways for me. I intend to get out of my comfort zone on this page, be vulnerable, share truth, seek truth and look to help the world through these facets.

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