Creating During COVID

by Taylor Hagemann 4 months ago in healing

COVID-19 has affected the way I create. Has it done the same to you?

Creating During COVID

We all have struggled during this global COVID-19 pandemic, but have we ever thought about how it is affecting creators like you and me? With my state being shut down, it hasn't given me many opportunities to go out and do much besides going for walks and it kind of made me go crazy.

I have a few different creative outlets that I use to spread my message about kindness and mental health awareness and lately I haven't gotten much traffic on anything. I understand that there are bigger things going on in the world at the moment, but people like me survive on traffic to blogs, YouTube channels, and online stores.

It has been so challenging trying to find great content to shoot for my channel and it's been so hard to find the motivation to write. COVID has affected me in so many ways and I'm not sure how to take back control and get my content traffic rolling again. Everything being closed really puts us YouTubers at a stand still. I’m not sure how many walks I can record without people getting bored of seeing the same thing every week! I just want to be able to get together with my friends and make entertaining videos for the world to see!

My survival doesn't thrive on online sales which is good! Starting an online store in the middle of a pandemic really isn't that smartest move on my part but at least online sales don't mean too much to me...yet. The support I strive to get it follows, likes, comments, etc. and right now even getting those seems impossible. At one point my following was growing at a rapid pace and now it’s just stagnant. It’s disappointing but what should I expect? I have been trying to update my website and online stores and because of COVID I haven’t been able to meet up with my friends who help with this stuff because of social distancing guidelines.

It is very disheartening because I work so hard on putting my story out there and most of the time I feel like I do it for no reason. My YouTube channel is somewhat struggling too because posting fun adventures isn't possible! I feel like I'm running in place and will never be able to move forward after COVID.

I can't be the only person who feels like way so I'm not sure why I am letting it mentally destroy me. Why do I feel like I'm doing something wrong while all these other bloggers seem to be thriving and gaining followers and making a name for themselves? I really shouldn't take this personally because I am not the only one who is affected and struggling. I have to realize that not everything takes off all at once. I have been working hard and I think expecting a little too much from my followers because most days I end up disappointed that my content isn’t doing well. That isn’t my followers fault and it’s not my fault, it just literally takes time to make a name for yourself!

I will rise above this. You will rise above this. COVID may be hurting us now but we will rise up and be stronger because of it! I am doing all the research I can to make sure I don't just run in place after this is over. COVID can't and won't stop me from creating! I think COVID is teaching us all a valuable lesson right now which is to never take things for granted and to never expect too much in a crisis. I can’t wait to move on from this and stop worrying about the virus and start worrying about my business and life again!

Taylor Hagemann
Taylor Hagemann
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