COVIDing Joy

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Finding joy in tumultuous times

COVIDing Joy

"Seeing zombies yet?"

This line, among other zombie related variations, is typically what comes out of my mouth when talking with friends and family about these COVID times we currently find ourselves in.

We are all aware of how horrible this pandemic has been and continues to be, so when I make a joke about a zombie apocalypse, I by no means am discounting or undercutting the severity of these Corona times, but rather attempting to lighten the mood because we're restricted in every other way, courtesy of this virus.

I believe that the day when we can't joke or find the slightest positivity in something that scares us or poses uncertainty is the day when that something, whatever it may be, has control over us.

Call me a nerd, but it's like the scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when Professor Lupin is teaching the kids how to repel a boggart with a charm... A boggart is a shape shifter that takes the form of a person's greatest fear, but in order to defy it, in addition to the charm, one must picture the boggart as something they find comical because laughter is what really finishes off these darn boggarts.

Laughter / positivity can be the greatest of weapons in the worst of combat.

And right now, our world is in a special kind of combat- one I don't think any of us expected to be in, this the year of 2020, but here we are.

How do we endure? We remember the good ole days that seem so far away and strive for them safely. We adapt to staying home, but make it as fun as we can! We get exercise outside during this time of quarantine and get reacquainted with nature.

I don't know about you, but I've recently renewed my appreciation and love for the outdoors. Finding myself on a temporary furlough from my job and gorgeous 70 degree weather outside my window, I had literally no other option but to spend my time outdoors and let me tell you something- after a whole day out there it wasn't long before I was spending the majority of my quarantine in the park or on a trail.

On the off times where I haven't been outside, I've been surfing my phone and while doing so, came across this amazing image on Facebook just the other day. Now tell me that this isn't amazing.

Image is courtesy of Outside Modern, a home and garden website that has a page on Facebook.

Have you ever seen anything more tranquil or full of potential? You don't even have to love nature to love this image because there is a huge wall of glass separating you from that creek, but for a nature lover like me, this is a haven.

These times pose uncertainty for a lot of people in a lot of ways- financially, economically, health wise- but if you can find an escape, even if just in the form of an image like this, please do because it will bring you so much comfort. This image does that for me. It brings me happiness and solace when I'm in a place of burden and stress.

Remember how I said I spend the other half of my quarantine scrolling? Well, during that time I have come across a couple other gems that do a bang up job of providing me with a relief from the troubles of this world like the above image I've already discussed.

The first is a man and his cat. It sounds crazy, but the preface is this awesome guy tours the world on a bike and he has his cat, Nala, with him. Nothing stops this guy and that's why I love his Instagram account so much. He is who I want to be.

His account is filled with amazing images and videos of him and Nala adventuring all around the world. In addition to having Nala with him, he will occasionally come across other abandoned cats and dogs and he will actually take them with him on his travels and try to nurse them back to health and find them new homes.

His account is an amazing escape for me because he continues to do what he does regardless of what's going on in the world or if zombies are walking around. This guy is an amazing humanitarian who deserves to be recognized.

The second of my quarantine reliefs is a woman by the name of Adley. Adley is a woman who, just like you and me, is trying to stay entertained during this Corona chaos. And she's a hoot.

Please watch the video because I guarantee you're in for some laughs.

Adley has a show on Facebook of her doing all these crazy challenges because she's stuck at home with her fiancee during this quarantine. She has an infectious personality and spirit that is envied by many, including me. Sometimes I'll kick back with a glass of wine and just watch her show because I've had a stressful day of not being able to pay this bill or that bill and she just never disappoints.

There you have it! A few escapes for you to enjoy while we all try to find our way in this COVID mayhem. I know these have helped me tremendously and I hope they help you, too. We will all make it through this! But remember, don't let the fear of this virus control you. Stay safe and escape through photos, movies and podcasts!

Til next time!:)

Heather Lee
Heather Lee
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