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Considering Becoming a Career Writer? Wait! Here Is the Plan

by Syed Zain Ali Gardezi 6 months ago in success
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A Beginners Guide to Establishing as a Professional Writer

Considering Becoming a Career Writer? Wait! Here Is the Plan
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Disclaimer: Before we talk strategy, I want to clarify that we, as humans, have different skill sets, different writing potentials, and abilities, which will have, in the long run, the ultimate say in defining your success in the field of writing. That being said, I share some of the strategies and lessons that I have learned and wished that someone had taught me before are hereby shared here.

Working to establish oneself as a writer requires a bit more than exceptional writing skills, while there remains the chance of your potential being discovered later than sooner. You want to do your bit to adapt to how the professional world operates nowadays! So here are the things you should consider:

Content List:

1: Start Early

2: Remain Consistent

3: Diversify Your Skills

4: Utilize Relevant Platforms

5: Money Can be the Motivator You Need!

6: Platforms You Should Join

7: Keep Your Goals Big

So here is the thing;

1: Start Early

It always helps to start early, even if you don’t feel like you are fully prepared! “Don’t Wait for Defining Moments.” It’s likely and totally okay! That your first piece wouldn’t come out to be as good as you want it to be, but nevertheless, that’ll be the first step towards establishing yourself. In this regard, you can consider sharing your content on social media, make a Blog, or Even Start Writing on Medium. Perfection comes by being consistent and constantly improving on your mistakes as you keep revisiting your content. It will be better if you test your understanding and digest some critical reviews from the readers. That way, you will be able to enrich your writing.

2: Remain Consistent

Many times, people follow this on and off strategy. It helps nobody. It doesn’t help you build an audience that knows you, and it doesn’t help you learn your lessons and improve yourself. Writing is a skill and is irrelevant to it for long rust the skill.

It’s understandable that you can’t be expected to devote too much time to writing at an early-stage presumable student stage of your life. And I’ll be cruel to suggest that you should miss parties and games, those are the fun parts of life, and I believe you should cherish and enjoy them. However, make a schedule instead and stick to it, like posting three pieces a week or devoting at least three hours a weak solid to writing.

3: Diversify Your Skills

Your writing potential and prospective audience who’ll buy your content are much more likely to be found on online platforms than in a book or magazine store. And success on these platforms somewhat necessitates the understanding of such platforms. Getting to know how SEO works, how can you promote your content and how to reach the right audience for your pieces of writing is the way to go. Learning these skills will go a long way, where you can not only write quality content but also the content that matches the platform description.

I would like to mention that for writers if you are planning to go about writing a book, you should consider building an audience on such platforms, as people often buy books of authors they already know.


4: Utilize Relevant Platforms

There are platforms such as Medium, which earn you revenue based on views. On the other hand, you can work on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, where you are paid for exclusive tasks where often the rights to the content aren’t yours, and you basically sell your content to someone else to put his name on it.

Working on freelance platforms might seem undesirable and non-prospective at first, as this doesn’t expose you to a broader audience and enable you to make your own name other than the few clienteles who read your content and pay you for it. However, one major benefit of such work is that you get direct feedback; contrastingly, if you wrote an article on Medium or a Blog and the reader doesn’t like it, they aren’t going to leave feedback about what’s wrong with it. Instead, they are likely to skip to the next one. Working on a freelance platform would significantly hone your skills.

5: Money Can be the Motivator You Need!

I love when a writer is exceptionally motivated and aspires to write irrespective of it yields monetary gains or not. However, in the long-run, financial independence and the ability to monetize your passion gives you the liberty to leave other boring jobs and focus entirely on writing. So, plan early and start monetizing your writing potential early as possible. Write on Freelance Sites, establish yourself on Medium and other blogging sites; that way, eventually, you’ll be able to capture an audience that respects your work, is willing to pay for it, and most importantly is looking forward to what you have to say!

6: The Plan

Let’s keep it simple and straightforward:

A: Start with freelance writing while simultaneously working on royalty platforms like Medium.

B: Slowly phase down freelance writing as your audience on the Royalty platforms start to pick up.

C: Having established yourself on royalty platforms, write and promote books/ eBooks.

D: Produce content, collaborate with video producers, and write plots and diversify your content output forms. SKY IS THE LIMIT

7: Keep Your Goals Big

When people get success in one field, particularly for writers, the field of freelance writing, they tend to ignore or overlook the opportunities to diversify their income streams. See! Working as a freelance writer is fine! But it exhausts you, and you only have so many hours in a day! You’ll soon hit your workload ceiling!

So, don’t just get caught up in the success on a platform; it’s best that you diversify and explore new horizons and avenues. That way, you can have a reliable income stream and potentially earn a decent income.

I wish you the very best of luck, fellow writer. Please feel free to express your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.


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Syed Zain Ali Gardezi

A ridiculously motivated writer ambitioned by art, crypto and gardening. Busy enlghtening the world :)

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