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compulsory quarantine

by Caroline Brazeau 8 months ago in goals

Looking for a new hobby

compulsory quarantine
Photo by Peter Sjo on Unsplash

For some loneliness and social isolation rhyme with depression, but for me it means a unique chance to develop and explore new passions.

The portrait has always been my top 1 thing that drives me the most in my life (hence my career as a portrait photographer). For the past 2 months, I can say that I have come up with a top 10 of the best passions that emerged during confinement!

10- The kitchen! Certainly I have always loved to cook, but laziness often prevents me from trying a great recipe. But since time multiplies before me and I have no obligation to entertain my 3 children since EVERYTHING is closed, I cook! Muffins, cakes, desserts, brunch, salad, I've never looked at my dozen cookbooks so much!

9- I haven't gotten over it yet, but I'm thinking more and more of painting again…. In a form other than in the past, ideas are jostling in my head. I want to take back my artistic side in hand and develop new creations that may eventually lead me elsewhere in the near future

8- My children. I put them in 8th position because it is not a passion in itself, but I rediscovered them through confinement and I love them even more than before! I bicker with them, but now I have time to reconcile with them and build a great relationship. More patience to cook with them, let them explore without being afraid of the brothel then because we have plenty of time to clean up, to push them to adventure. No more famous work routine, school, going to the shopping center and going to bed ...

7- Make gifts! I take great pleasure in making local purchases online to send them to the people I love without notifying them ... chocolate fondue delivery for my parents on a Friday evening. They see the delivery arrived, do not understand and see the note: "bon appétit, we love you". Much of my budget has gone to gifts of the same style. I do it about once a week, it has become a drug, an essential need!

6- Plants, where I should specify and say cacti! A small collection of cacti is invading our home. Minis and adults! It’s so beautiful, no one is alike. My centerpiece recalls the Texas deserts we had to visit during the summer, if the pandemic had not happened we would be a month away from our departure for America in a caravan. Instead, the desert came to us.

5- The portrait. My wore! I never liked seeing myself in photography. Right now, I'm having fun following tutorials to learn how to make the best self-portraits. I am not yet convinced of the results to the point of publishing them! I still practice, a little everyday, shyly, I erase them all ... I still hope to manage to make a beautiful portrait of my face eventually.

4- My dog. My dog ​​is made very affectionate, very docile since confinement. Never left alone as usual, we take it everywhere, all the time, non-stop. I love to take her for a walk in the neighborhood, while she walks with gait. In the old days, I was not even able to go around the corner, that she had already stripped my shoulder! As there are 5 of us at home and all 5 of us have developed the desire to take her for a walk, she has never been so fit. She listens to us finger and eye. The poor thing is bound to get depressed when Covid returns to where he comes from and forces us to resume life as we know it.

3- Zero waste. A movement that I dreamed of following, for which I never put enough energy into it. Now I can’t do without it. From simple compost, to body products, maintenance, even cosmetic products now have zero waste. In addition to targeting local purchases above all, I am looking for the best environmental option.

2-. Knitting… Yes yes! I became like these grandmas who knit in the late evening on the balcony watching the children play outside. Except that I am in my hammock with a coffee or a tea and I take advantage of the moment to think of nothing. Between two crochet stitches I no longer have time to think about my problems at work.

1- Even if I can't take full advantage of it, my top 1 will always remain the same ... THE MUSIC! It’s awful how I miss the shows, the musical gatherings. I let off steam on Spotify in search of news. I love my road trips just to listen to my new musical discoveries. For me, life would have no meaning without music. My children make me discover styles, while judging mine… What they don't know yet is that what they listen to is very influenced by my musical tastes (something they won't admit anytime soon) .

Caroline Brazeau
Caroline Brazeau
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Caroline Brazeau
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