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Christopher Salis - Biography, Work, & SAP Experience

Exploring the Journey of Christopher Salis

By Christopher SalisPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Christopher Salis

Christopher Salis

Also Known As: Chris Salis

Occupation: SAP Expert and Startup Advisor

Birthplace: San Mateo, California



Christopher Salis is not just a SAP expert but a startup advisor too who has helped numerous startups to successfully get off the ground. For more than a decade, Christopher has been a SAP expert and knows the ins and outs of the entire SAP ecosystem.

He has knowledge about every SAP product and helps companies and SAP partners integrate those products with their business workflows. The benchmarks of his success? – management skills and effective leadership.

What’s special about Christopher is the high-level support that he provides to his clients. The way he helps his clients transform their businesses and help them grow to an unimaginable level. His goal when supporting clients with SAP solutions is simple – incorporate a mixed approach so that a maximized return on investment is achieved.

He just simplifies everything. Given how complex the SAP ecosystem and the products in it are – that’s the kind of person you might want to help you. And, that’s what Christopher does. He brings the complexity levels so down that you will feel the processes are running smoother than ever.

Christopher knows what kind of SAP solution is fit for which type of organization. Whether it’s a small company or a big enterprise, he knows what might suit him best for both. His guidance is valuable. It’s so valuable that most of the companies that have hired him as their SAP consultant have gained competitive advantages and improved their customer relations within a few months.

Work and SAP Experience

Adecco Employment Services

• Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University

• IT Procurement Manager

• Senior IT Buyer

• Strategic Sourcing Manager

• Managed IT Procurement Program for global corporate operations and 700+ branch locations

• Controlled selection and management process of IT supplier base

• Led contract negotiations, strategic partners, and vendors

• Triggered full transformation of Adecco’s employment process

Gap, Inc.

• Manager of Strategic Sourcing

• An applied innovative approach to improve operations


• Manager of Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, and Operational Excellence

• Streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency

Business Objects (An SAP Company)

• Senior Manager of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

• Senior Director of Global Go-to-Market Process and Product Management

• Executive Director and Chief of Staff-Office of the CEO

• Set CEO and executive leadership priorities for SAP’s Analytics and Technology Portfolio

• Managed day-to-day operations of SAP’s Ecosystem and Partner Organization

• Oversaw SAP Corporate Development and M & A

• Conducted global forecast calls for +$1B division

• Led C-level sales engagement post-merger


• Vice-president and Head of Global Sales, Line of Business Solutions for Procurement

• Global Vice-president and General Manager, Line of Business Solutions for Procurement

• Global Vice-president and Head of Portfolio Go to Market

• Reversed declining revenue

• Achieved the highest line of business quota in 2010-11

• Generated 4x SaaS revenue growth

• Achieved 300% revenue growth in 2011

• Launched SAP Sourcing, the first successful SaaS offering

• Built a strong global team of product managers

• Introduced SAP Agile methodology engagement framework

• Strategically led acquisition of Ariba for $4.3B in 2012

• Became leader of Ariba post-merger

• Grew SaaS revenue to 75%

• Launched new business models with innovative strategies

• Commercialized SAP Digital Business unit

Personal Life

Christopher Salis is a well-known figure in the tech sector, boasting two decades of expertise as an SAP specialist. His extensive experience has been instrumental in his success within the industry.

Throughout his professional journey, Chris has fostered collaboration within teams, leveraging the strengths of his peers to achieve optimal outcomes. He holds a firm belief in the paramount importance of employees and colleagues as the most valuable assets of any organization.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Chris finds fulfillment in his personal life. Happily married with two young sons, he resides with his family in San Mateo, California.



About the Creator

Christopher Salis

Christopher Salis: A seasoned expert in enterprise software, particularly renowned for his mastery of SAP. Over two decades of experience, Chris has become a transformative leader, guiding startups through complexities of the digital age.

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