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Can I be "Myself" for a while?

by Aesthetic Writer 7 months ago in advice

Why do we always have to care about what people think?

Can I be "Myself" for a while?
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We have all grown up hearing that our decisions should be made considering what society thinks of us. To put it simply we are fed with a mindset to put society’s image of us before our real self.

You can keep lying to yourself and pretend to be someone else but for how long will you carry this baggage of insecurities with you. There has to be an end to this pretentious behaviour of lying to your true self.

Sometimes we try too hard to hold on to the image that society has made of us that it shatters it into pieces and we no longer know how to bring it together or give it a purpose. We need to understand that it’s not required to always hold on, sometimes we just have to let it go.

We try too hard to fit into the image that society has made of us that it makes our lives only perfection-driven and any failure along the way seems more disturbing than it should be while ignoring the fact that imperfections are part of our lives and that makes us human. All of this, just so we can be approved as a decent human in the eyes of society.

The people who love you are still gonna be there for you no matter what because they understand and accept your imperfections as a human. But the ones who discriminate against you based on your filtered personality are the ones you should avoid at all cost.

It's never too late to accept what you are and what you want to believe in even if it's not acceptable to society. The truth cannot be denied, we have to be true to ourselves and at the end of the day, we should be proud of our decisions that’s what matters. The decisions we make are only gonna affect our life and if we are compromising it with our happiness thinking that we might not be able to fit in the society then the decision made is wrong.

It is always good to have your own opinion over different situations as it defines our personality. It is not necessarily important to always have the same point of view as others so what if they dislike you for being unique at least you are not blindly following the same path the society is leading.

Eventually, it will make us strong and we would be able to enjoy the freedom that we have given ourselves by choosing what we want and we want to believe in. We might feel like a loner making choices creating an objection for the society but with time people will accept who we are but for them to accept the fact we have to accept it ourselves.

Life isn’t going to be easier by making your own choices without considering the societal image but it would make us feel better about ourselves. It would also enable us to see people differently and consider their point of view and opinion. It will keep us away from the habit of judging someone based on their personality and accept them as a person having a different opinion.

Its a high time struggling to stand by the perfect norms of society and rather focus on discovering your true self. We just have to be sure and confident about the decisions we make if we feel that somehow deep down its not right or maybe it’s not you then immediately drop it. Always stand by what’s right and it’s done.

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Aesthetic Writer
Aesthetic Writer
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