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Black Book

by Rodney Thomasearl 8 months ago in success


Paradise Falls

When I first saw the black book in the mail, I didn’t know what I was getting. All I saw was the twenty thousand dollars buried in the coffin. I thought about the dollars pouring over me, but I didn’t know what it would cost. That it would cost me everything. I frantically flipped through the black book pages and I read the rules. Their were Eight rules I had to fallow to keep the money or id lose my life. The first rule is to quit your job. The second rule was to give up your dreams. The third rule was to make new ones for a year. The fourth was to find happiness every day. The fifth was to not tell anyone about the book as it was being written. The sixth rules was to save six people. Seven was to touch a cloud. Eighth was the hardest, I had to make a masterpiece. I thought deeply on this, how I could make a masterpiece. The premise felt impossible and I felt the gravity of the situation immediately like a fissure pulling me in. I knew there was only one thing I could possibly could do to make a masterpiece. I looked over to my laptop in the left corner of the room. As I walked over and grabbed it, it felt heavier like Mjolnir. It was like God putting his hand on my shoulder and showing him the way. I felt stupid trying to win anything. I had never won anything before. I couldn’t help but to at least put my fears and anxiety aside and try to fix my life. By typing this story I would slowly becoming who I wanted to be. Someone I thought I could never be. If I completed this list I could keep all of the money but if I didn’t I could lose it all. I frantically started to work on this Black Book. I already had so many projects so many things I needed to do. My life was a dumpster on fire and it felt that way constantly. I hoped that this would be the end of that. I put my fingers to the keys and I began to play my symphony.

If I could keep the money and save it properly, it would all be worth it, regardless of the consequences. As I opened laptop and the screen glowed like the universe opening up. I felt a gentle breeze go up my spine. It was like god toke control of my hands. The flow I was feeling, felt like a storm was on the horizon. I could feel the world changing around me with every stroke of the keys. It was like a god in a reality of my own making. I wrote myself into existence. I dreamed of growing this 20,000, into 200,000 then to 2,000,000 and finally to 2,000,000,000. I could my family for generations. I could help as many people as I wanted. I would be able to write all day and night, nothing could stop me from writing hundreds of novels. I feel like I am floating through space and time. The world and the universe is being broken in ever word I type. I see everything come in and out of existence till I am back here with you.I feel myself floating in the cosmos . Its like I have all of the power in the world.


Rodney Thomasearl

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Rodney Thomasearl
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