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Best Lion Stories for kids

Lion Stories

By Rajshree ThakurPublished about a year ago 6 min read
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Lion Stories for kids

Lion is very attractive animal. Lion is the most dreaded animal of the jungle, that is why lion is called the king of the jungle. Many stories related to Ser are famous. Some of those stories are as follows

Stories of the mouse and the lion | Lion story-1

Once upon a time a mouse lived in a forest. One day when he was returning to his burrow he saw a lion resting in a cave. The mouse entered the lion's den and climbed on top of the lion. He started jumping a lot on the lion and started pulling its hair.

The mischief of the mouse roused the lion and he caught the mouse in his fangs. When the mouse found himself in the claws of the lion he had understood that today his death is certain.

The mouse was horrified and cried . The mouse started pleading with the lion that lion I made a mistake, don't kill me. If you let me go today, I will return this favor to you whenever you need any help in future.

The lion laughed after hearing the words of the mouse. The lion said that you yourself are so small how will you help me. Hearing the request of the mouse, the lion eleased the mouse. The mouse thanked the lion and left.

After a few days when the lion was roaming here and there in search of food, suddenly it got trapped in a net spread by a hunter. The lion tried hard to get himself out of the trap but could not get out. After trying for a long time the lion started roaring for help.

At the same time the mouse was passing by that he heard the roar of the lion. He ran to the lion and was shocked to see the lion trapped in the trap. Without delay he started cutting the net with his sharp teeth and in no time he cut the whole net and freed the lion. With this help of the mouse the lion's eyes were filled with tears and the lion thanked the mouse with moist eyes and both left from there. Then the lion and the mouse became good friends.

Moral of the story: - The mouse and lion story teaches we should not consider a person small or big just on the basis of body. Also we should help others, because when we help others then only someone will come forward to help us.

Story of the foolish lion | Lion story -2

There was a lion in the Sundarbans forest. He was the king of the jungle. One day he went out hunting. On the way he saw a king riding on an elephant. A big throne was built on top of the elephant, on which the king was sitting comfortably.

Now the lion thought, "I am also the king of the jungle, so I will not walk now either." I will also ride an elephant.

Thinking this, he came back to the forest and called all the animals and told them his words. All the animals agreed and called an elephant and prepared the throne on its back. Now the throne was ready, there was only delay for the lion to sit. All the animals called the lion and asked him to sit on the throne.

The lion jumped up and sat on the throne built on top of the elephant. The elephant was about to stand and walk when suddenly the throne started shaking violently and the lion lost its balance. As soon as the balance deteriorated, the lion fell directly on the ground from the throne built on the back of the elephant. Many teeth of the lion were broken and blood started coming out of the mouth. Seeing this, all the animals started laughing.

The lion had now understood that it was not in his capacity to sit on the throne. He said to all the animals - "Better than this I walk on foot!" In this way, instead of walking on the elephant, the lion thought it appropriate to walk.

Moral of the story:- The foolish lion story teaches we should not copy others. We should do what is in our control. The result of copying is very painful.

Lion in cage | Lion story-3

There was a dense forest near a village. A lion living in that forest had created terror in the whole village. He would enter the village everyday and kill and eat chickens, goats and other domesticated animals. The passers-by passing through the forest in the evening would also become its prey. The villagers had stopped coming out of their homes after it got dark for fear of him.

One day the courageous youths of the village caught the tiger by placing a cage on its way. It was night so they left the cage there and returned to their home.

Here the caged lion tried a lot to get out of the cage but could not succeed. He made a lot of noise for help, but there was no one to listen.

After some time a old priest ( Bramhin) passed by that way. He was returning after worshiping in another village. When the lion saw him . he called him to him with a voice and begged, “ please take me out of this cage. I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life.

The old priest said fearfully - "If I take you out of the cage, you will kill and eat me."

The lion pleaded.-“I promise that I will not kill you and quietly go to the forest. Trust me."

The Bramhin was a kind person. He felt pity on the lion and opened the cage door. As soon as the door opened the lion came out of the cage and started pouncing on the Brahmin.

The old man retreated out of fear and said- “You had promised me that you will not kill me. How can you break your word? Let me go from here.

The lion said roaring -“I have been hungry for many days why should i let you go I will satisfy my hunger by eating you.

A monkey sitting on the tree was watching the whole scene. He was aware of the cunningness of the lion. To save the old man he came down from the tree and said- "What's the matter? What's going on between you guys?"

The priest told him the whole thing hearing which the monkey laughed- “Are you kidding, Brahmindev? Where can such a big lion the king of the jungle, fit in this small cage? I cannot accept this.

On this the lion said- "It is absolutely true."

"I can't even accept your words without seeing it with my own eyes " The monkey spoke to the lion.

"I'll just go and show you this cage." Saying this, the lion went inside the cage.

But this cage is open. You could have come out of it yourself. Monkey said..

The lion got irritated on this talk of the monkey and said, "Its door was locked from outside."

The monkey said to the Brahmin, "Just show me how this door was closed?"

The Brahmin went ahead and closed the door of the cage. The lion was again locked in the cage.

The monkey said to the Brahmin- "Let this sly lion remain locked here. He should get the result of breaking his promise."

After this the monkey and the Brahmin started walking from there. The next day the villagers came and did all the work of the lion.

Moral of the story:- The caged lion story teaches us that Cunning has bad consequences.

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