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“I’m competing with myself to be the best.”-Aaliyah

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read
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Having an idol as inspiration is great and is often promoted. It shouldn’t be taken away when you admire a person’s abilities or qualities but it can get unhealthy. Whatever reason you love the person for might be something you would like to emulate. What happens though if you don’t achieve some things similar to your inspiration or what if you find out they are not what you thought?

Thinking about yourself as your inspiration should be encouraged even though you may not have achieved as much as your idol because it really is empowering. It gives you a better understanding of yourself when you know your abilities, strengths and weaknesses. You would be able to work on those areas to emphasize some talents or even put some aside.

It can be liberating to know your past and be inspired by what you want to achieve in the present and future. You would be using yourself to measure your activities, success, losses and so on because not everyone is built the same. Irritations from unachieved milestones would be a lot more annoying if you don’t match up to others. There are various ways to help in viewing yourself as your inspiration and with the possible implementations of these, you could do just that.

  • Stop overly idolizing others

There are so many things that could go wrong when idolizing a person to the point that they are not viewed as human anymore. Many people have their own doubts, insecure moments, and losses, so this perception would not be fair. This would create a standard that they seemingly have to live up to while possibly destroying them inside. No one should stop appreciating who they like but it’s not right to fully immerse yourself into another person’s life causing your’s to be insubstantial. Appreciating them and still being inspired by them is fine but don’t forget everyone is dissimilar. People mostly show their achievements, so you never really know the full scale of events going on in their lives.

  • Using your past to improve

Your previous achievements and losses should inspire you to do more and better yourself in your next tasks. It’s not always easy to see failure as a positive thing or be positive about it but it depends on your mindset as well as the willpower to change it. From your past tasks, you can assess all that was done to note what was great and what went wrong. Implementing the noted realizations can aid your plan to perform greater. It could be a little tweak or a much greater adjustment which would be tested to achieve progress.

  • Try setting achievable goals

Setting achievable goals is something often said to mean set realistic standards and aspirations. However, there’s no telling what is achievable to one person versus the other. You should set things you know you can achieve, things that are within your power. Even if you set goals that seem outrageous, you really never know the full strength of your ability or how your life is moving until you test your limits. Setting achievable goals while staying disciplined would give you a good experience of productive progress, especially if some things can’t be done immediately. This way you feel great and progressive while appreciating what you can do.

  • Respecting yourself

Respect yourself enough to believe you can be your inspiration. Many people might believe they should pick someone else to look to for motivation because they might not be enough. You have to respect yourself to figure out and understand your worth and abilities. Knowing this would hinder you from constant personal blame and judgement.

  • Be confident

It’s not exactly easy to just summon confidence but having an assurance that you will be prosperous is necessary. It might not be what you’re aspiring towards but something else that comes up. You can end up on a totally different path than initially thought of but interestingly, it might be preferable or more natural to do than intended.

  • Enjoy the process

Bettering yourself can be a wonderous path and an enjoyable experience when you’re happy with what is going on. Do things for yourself and be happy doing it. You can ask yourself if you really want to do something and then you realize if it is an effect from others or a true desire from yourself. Whatever it may be in, health, education, entertainment and so on. Look forward to doing it each time. If you don’t try to make it enjoyable with music, a great routine (that can include changes) or tracking the progress with habit apps to keep you accountable for your actions, would be a responsible approach.

Inspiration from one’s self is not and might not be a daily occurrence. Life can throw so many punches at you that may make you feel awful or small inside but it should be implemented and tried to feel better.


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