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Being Me

By: Divine Davis

By Divine DavisPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

This girl felt like she was an outcast in everything whether it was her family, friends she made or coworkers. She was beautiful and never knew her value or what she was capable of. This once girl now developing woman dreamed of so many things in life and wondered where she would be taken. She wanted to please others by always impressing them.

This little girl spent her whole life trying to do whatever everyone wanted her to do. Once, she was in foster care and her mother did everything in her power to keep her but she wasn't in the right mindset. This 8 year old prayed every night dreaming of someone to adopt her and mentor her. Her prayer was answered and it was a Godsent family member. The family member that took her in was a woman and she gave her the best life a little girl could have.

This 8 year old called her mom and her two sons were the little girl's two adopted brothers. This little girl didn't understand her blessing and she was mad at the world at the time because she felt her biological mother did'nt want her . She would go visit her father in prison who she thought at a point in her life she wanted to live with. This little girl was behind three years in the grade she was in when her mother got her. Her New mother helped her study and become an honor roll student in elementary.

She got into middle school not completely knowing who she is and she just felt like again an outcast. Peers, family or her friends would look at this girl like she was weird when in fact she couldn't go anywhere. Her parent was strict which made this girl tougher and she learned how to get through it. She didn't feel as pretty as the other girls and she always felt alone. This girl entered high school and always was picked on for everything. Again, she felt like an outcast and contemplated suicide her sophmore year. Good thing she remebered her family and friends also how they would feel.

This girl who truly didn't find her identity yet felt like there was nothing left in her life but failure. The girl had only her mom to listen to her problems and help her through them. Her senior year was devastating but she graduated with her diploma and tried to fulfill her dreams in college. She ran into the wrong people and looked for the wrong attention which made her feel like she was nothing. A now developing woman who couldn't stand up for herself no matter what the circumstance felt defeated.

This Woman is still trying to find herself at a university. She found part of herself but doesn't know where she will find her whole self. Depression comes and goes but she tries to keep a smile on her face because she is still on this earth for a purpose. The moral of this story is find yourself and embrace it. Be confident in whatever talent you may have whether that is playing an instrument but find you. Separate the positive from the negative and learn to let go, This woman is finding herself because she still needs to let go of things that may hurt her. Be you that's the only beauty you could be people will tear you down but pick yourself up!!!


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