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My Vocal writing goals for 2024

By Christina EpperlyPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Be bold
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I'm a writer. One thing about being a writer is that my head is always filled with creative ideas about the topics that I want to write about and the grand stories that I want to tell ,but often times I never actually get around to writing about even half of the things that I want to write about. The biggest problem I have with being a writer is that I often get in my own way. I do not like to admit it, but I struggle with worrying about getting backlash from the things I want to write. I want to write my truly unfiltered opinions, but I often hold myself back. I also have a hard time making time to actually write instead of just day dreaming about it. With all that being said, I think it is pretty clear what my goals are when it comes to writing on Vocal Media this year, but since I am a writer, I will go into detail. Goal number one is to actually write. I am a writer, after all. I wish that being a writer was my main job. I know that if I want to make that dream a reality, I have to actually write. Writing on Vocal Media gives me a chance to put my writing in front of more eyes and to make some money as well. My specific goal for this year when it comes to writing more often is to write and publish three or more posts each month on vocal Media. It seems like a pretty easy goal but It is easy for work and other commitments to get in the way, but I know I can make time, and who knows? I might just be able to write my way into a whole new career. I just have to do it. As for the second part of my vocal goals for this year. I need to stop caring about what other people might think about what I write. If people do not like what I write, then they don't have to read it. It is the time to let my ideas run free on the internet within reason, of course. I wrote an article last year about some of my controversial opinions, and I was worried about what would happen, but it turned out fine and I was proud of myself. I want to really challenge myself to not hold back this year. Writing about controversial things can lead to healthy discussions and cause people to reevaluate their own point of view. I have had controversial views for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I loved Scar from the Lion King, and I was quick to defend him, and I still stand by that. Maybe I should write an article about that. When I was younger, I was bolder, and I need to get some of that boldness back. I remember that I was quick to debate other kids who had been lied to and thought that Santa Claus was real. I did not let fear hold me back from speaking my mind. I think being a writer requires a certain level of boldness, and my goal is to embrace my boldness. If I achieve both of these goals, I will at the very least grow as a writer, and at the most, I will change my whole life, in a productive and positive way. I want to encourage all of my fellow writers and storytellers to be bold as well and make your writing dreams come true. Happy 2024, Vocal writers!


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Hello There ! I'm a blogger, writer and bucket lister! My bucket list has over 300 items on it. I am big believer in enjoying the little things in life. I also love collecting toys.

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