Are You Dead or Are the Dead Living Among the Living?

by Tshenolo Manicus 7 months ago in advice

Life or Death

Are You Dead or Are the Dead Living Among the Living?

When you live in a world that revolves around people wearing masks, you begin to think that real is fake. The monstrous behaviors of the world and society have been so dismantled that we have lost touch and empathy. We have lost all human capability of loving and nurturing with pure heartfelt love. When was the last time you ever said I love you and actually meant it? This proves that love has been forgotten. Love has lost its meaning and purpose in pursuing where it matters most.

This world has evolved indeed. There is technology and the never-ending upgrades of infrastructure. It's either people are too focused on being relevant to unknown beings or faking it 'til they make it. What do you want from strangers that you can't get from people that are the closest to your heart? It pains us all that at some point in life we have to bury our feelings just to move up in life. There are always upgrades for phones and software, but humanity stays on one level and never changes. Yes, believe it because love has downgraded—less marriages, more divorces, etc. We have become so blind because of bad life experiences that we miss the best moments in life. This has made us walking corpses during the day and night because the world needs so much of us. Our time, effort, energy, and money is needed to satisfy our needs.

There are so many negatives about the world and less positives. We never bring anything permanent onto the table because all we want is a quick fix and living life in the fast lane. Stay in your lane and go at the pace that you can manage. Don't rush or you will crash. Everyone has their differences and stories of their own. When you want to live the life of others and not of your own, you immediately disconnect from yourself and you will want to copy others. See inspiration rather than being turned into a clone. No one wants clones or copycats all because they don't have a sense of identity or purpose of their own. All they do is copy and parrot their way through life. Sure, you can want to be someone one day, but come on. Let's be our own selves. You can't live your life in limbo and then not recognize yourself in the mirror. The competition you need to focus on improving is the one in the mirror facing you, not the one next to you, which frankly speaking there is no one there besides you and your reflection...

Be original to your brand and live up to that purpose. You are a walking brand and what you do reflects who you are. Like imagine buying sugar that has no name, no information, or location from where it was manufactured. Don't be dead. Your life is worth saving and living. Build your brand by investing time on researching and understanding yourself. Personality is not copy and pasted. It is being yourself and showing people your uniqueness. This will be your competitive advantage and what separates you from the rest. If you think of it, your life is like a business. There are four stages that a business goes through: The Introduction phase, Growth phase, Maturing phase, and Declining phase.

The Introduction phase, obviously, is you coming to life as a newborn baby; Growth phase is where you start to grow and start to learn about yourself and the world; in the Maturing phase you start to grow up and understand that the world is not as nice as parents put it to us and you discover social ills; and the Declining phase is where you... die and nothing else really happens because it's just the end of you. This sounds a lot more familiar than you think. Business principles are there to help guide you to your destination and have a reason as to why you are doing whatever it is that you are doing. This is the cycle of life and it will always be there. We must avoid being caught in the Declining phase because that is where you die and there is no saving yourself once reached. Keep yourself strong because you only live once.

The only enemy that destroys bonds is the mind. It's all in the mind. Stop overthinking, and start living today for the values of building and maintaining a healthy mind that is filled with lots of awesome stories. Also, think about it, we practically use the life cycle everyday. It is a pity that in this world we live in, the only phase we know is the declining phase and we are all afraid. Believe me, it scares my socks off. Live your life, carefree.

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