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A Good Year

by Lewis Stan Jacobs about a year ago in happiness
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Reflections of 2020

2020 has not exactly been the best of years this millennium, however its had its good points. Yes, seriously, 2020 has had its good points. Stop laughing its true! I mean it! Okay, I will wait until you have stopped being hysterical. I understand, what with Corona virus being the big issue last year its little wonder we can think of any thing good.

To be fair I predicted 2020 as being my year, I suppose a lot of us did that and are now saying roll on 2021 being their year. People also laughed and predicted 2020 would be the end of the world and perhaps we would have WWW3 when Australia was having a bad time with their bush fires., which must have been horrendous and scary.

This whole Covid thing has interrupted life as we currently know it. Its separated friends and family, sometimes the closest we get is talking at a two metre distance. Its created a whole world full of fear, which is the worst thing in combatting this virus. Fear has kept people in a low vibration which is bad for the immune system. Its hard to stay positive but its the one thing that has been needed throughout this crisis.

Most of our entertainments have gone out of the window because the vast majority involved being close to other people. This has left us with drinking, eating and watching Netflix, alone for some, in our pants. Mind you, to be fair, I don’t need a pandemic to give me an excuse to sit around in my pants. The things posted on Facebook of people facing the boredom with things we never thought we would, many of which I can not “unsee” even if I wanted to.

One of the great things to come out of 2020 was seeing value in things we took for granted. Our healthcare , social carers and emergency workers, still working in the face of infection and being there for all of us either on the front lines or with advice and support. Our posties and delivery people who continued to bring us the thing we ordered and the bills, not so wanted but still needed. Our shopping deliveries for those unable to go out due to isolating, and those in retail facing abuse from people when they are only trying to do their job. The people who actually keep the country going.

I think we can also value people who work in the Arts too as without them how much more bored would we be whilst isolating and socially distancing? To be told that they should retrain too because what they do is not work was utterly ridiculous. High five to all those who managed to keep entertaining and sharing their skills, often for free, so we, the bored, can still have our fun. The internet certainly has its uses, I mean, where would we have been without Zoom?

As individuals 2020 has been a time of looking within for some, most definitely for myself. Its been a time of challenge and many of us have risen to that challenge and found new ways of working, new ways of interacting with friends and family and new ways to be our most authentic selves. Okay, so we have not been able to get together but friends and families are having Zoom parties and quizzes. More people are reaching out to make sure everyone is alright because we cant be there with them.

On a personal note 2020 has been a time of making new and building on friendships, despite not going out much. Its also meant reconnecting with family who I have drifted from in the past. Its been a chance for me to focus on myself, really go within and find myself again. The new improved me, feeling happier in myself and ready to face 2021 head on. 2020 was my year but I think it was a year of training for what is ahead. I am looking forward to what 2021 has to offer.

I hear many saying they just want to go back to normal, which in my mind means going back to the status quo. I am hoping that it is not the case. I want new, I want challenge, I want change. Bring it on 2021.


About the author

Lewis Stan Jacobs


I am slowly building my own business which will offer hypnotherapy, reiki, tarot and coaching. At the moment I am offering tarot readings.

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