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by Romalita about a month ago in happiness

of practicing gratitude.

I love my job because, daily, I have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of countless people.

It is with daily gratitude I begin my day. Practicing gratitude allows me to be aware of my emotional intelligence. I am allowing myself the possible reflection to make necessary changes where improvement could establish in any area of my life. It is with the understanding that I must first look after myself before looking after another. And utilize this mind-fullness to shift any negative energies that may affect me from authentically feeling happy.

My profound knowledge in understanding the duty of self-care and its essential role within our lives encourages me to apply gratitude, mindfulness, and reflection into my daily routine. The more time I allow for my self-reflection, the better I display my genuine authenticity to enable others to receive nothing but my utmost higher self.

I gratefully accept that I cannot control another's an emotional response to a situation, but I manage my own. I allow myself to open my heart to unconditional love. Be kind instead of always right. Seek compassion instead of indifference. I am choosing to be my most authentic self, and for this, I provoke positive change.

I believe, to influence change in the world, we must first dedicate the change within ourselves.

By opening ourselves up and allowing ourselves to venture out into unknown territories, pushing beyond our comfort levels, we have the opportunities to unlock many hidden talents and interests that lie deep within us without any awareness of our capabilities or mysterious desire that holds potential.

When initiating achieving higher levels of self-development, we can effectively aspire others to change through our consistency, resilience, and integrity.

Applying the law of giving and receiving kindness fulfills me with motivation, fullness, and energy to enjoy my job.

With gratitude and maintaining a healthy mindset, I turn negatives into positives and thrive on seeing everything as an opportunity to grow. My eagerness, positive attitude, and nutritional lifestyle impact and drive my healthy relationships and friendly interactions with people.

As a hospitality all-rounder in a busy cafe'. My role generally requires long hours of multi-tasking, constant human interaction, and a never-ending cleaning list.

Which, more often than not, can begin to feel quite "daunting." As the overwhelming complacency takes over, it's easy to think that there is nothing else left to learn.

However, choosing a growth mindset allows me to see hidden potential in all circumstances and to grasp every experience as a learning opportunity. By doing so, I am dedicating myself to my personal growth not only for the sake of myself but to help benefit others. By being open to learning and deciding to perform using open-minded mindfulness, I open myself up without limitations on giving and receiving knowledge and wisdom. By paying sufficient detail to others and understanding the mind of another allows me to communicate and influence another effectively.

It is with remaining humble and consistently displaying a high level of integrity that provokes interest in others to seek, explore and create their awareness into open-minded mindfulness.

For me, my job is about sharing my knowledge and utilizing the ability of others and finding creative ways to integrate or establish more improved workplace procedures for the overall happiness of all employees and customers.

It is about finding joy in the small pleasures of life, helping others, creating genuine contacts, spreading random acts of kindness, and making the most of every situation. Through our work, we can discover who we are, what we truly value. Share our visions, find a way to Co-create something new.

If we are going to spend the majority of our lives working, we may as well do something we love.



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