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6 Tips for Daily Spiritual Practice to bring out your inner witch

Simple tips for your daily witchcraft practice.

6 Tips for Daily Spiritual Practice to bring out your inner witch
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Witchcraft is a practice but it doesn't need to be large dramatic rituals. Sure rituals are great but it's not something most of us can do on a daily basis.

What if we began to see witchcraft as a lifestyle and add a smattering of the craft into all the many small rituals we partake in every day? By making a conscious effort to add a little bit of magick into your daily life you can help bring about the sense spiritual contentment we're all searching for. This doesn't need to cost any money or take up much time, just being mindful of our actions.

1. Stirring the pot

While having a cup of coffee or cooking dinner stir deosil (clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, anti-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere) to attract something, or widdershins (anti-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere) to banish something.

If you are hoping for a promotion at work stir your coffee with intent thinking or whispering an affirmation to to attract that promotions. I can achieve a promotion.

Trying to break a habit? While cooking stir your meal with the intent of breaking that habit.

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2. Cleansing

Cleansing yourself or tools can be simple and quick, allowing you to do it multiple times a day, whenever you may need to.

Any tool or jewelry item you may need cleansed can be done with intent. Blow or knock on the item whilst visualize a white light flowing from you into the item, pushing out all or the negative energy within it. This is great for tarot cards, crystals or even your altar. This is also quite useful for those crystals that are water soluble, such as calcite, selenite or satin spar.

Putting your crystals and tools out under the full moon is also great. You don't need to say any words just place them in a spot outside or on your window sill. You may also be inclined to sit for a couple of minutes under the moon yourself.

A simple daily practice of cleansing can be added to your bathing routine. Whilst standing under the shower visualize light flowing through your body and washing away all the negative energy, leaving you glowing from within.

At night, when laying in bed, I visualize a circle of light coming from my heart chakra to envelope my whole body then expanding to take in my entire house. All negative forces are pushed out of the bubble leaving me and my family to sleep peacefully.

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3. Mother Earth

No matter what path you follow we all want what is best for the Earth. While not driving or going plastic free may be impossible for many people there are a lot of smaller things you can do to lessen your impact on the environment.

See a piece of rubbish, pick it up and dispose of it in a bin. If you are going for a walk, take a bag and pick up stray pieces of rubbish.

Make the effort to recycle. Don't have time to go to the recycling plant? See if there's any local charities that accept cans and bottles for their fundraising. Or put the recycling aside to save up a large amount and use that money to buy a new book or tool for your altar.

Add walking in where you can. Need to go the shop down the street walk instead of drive. Walk the kids to school a couple of times a week. Ride a bicycle to work. Just getting out of the house and going for a walk helps me clear my head and feel more in tune with nature.

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4. Sharing your knowledge or learning in a community

I'm not saying join or start a coven. Many of us are solitary practitioners and have no inclination to attend large gatherings but joining a group on Facebook or Reddit where you can ask questions, or answer others is a great way to further your own craft. This can be done on your own terms, when you feel like it with no pressure to comment or post.

I've found that groups are the best way to find out if a book is worth buying. A quick search will often show some honest conversation surrounding new books and there have been a few that I was going to buy to only find out that they contained problematic or just flat out wrong information.

5. Talismans and amulets

I keep a single dollar in my wallet at all times. It's not even in my local currency so I can't spend it. Like attracts like, and keeping money in your wallet is said to attract money to you. Keeping a piece of citrine in your purse is also good for attracting prosperity.

Put various crystals around your house to improve different areas of your life. A rose quartz in the bedroom for love and sweet dreams. Larimar in the lounge room for peace and relaxation. Amber in the kitchen for warmth and well-being. You don't need to spend a lot of money on crystals, tumbled stones will be fine and correspondences can be found on the internet.

Likewise, putting a crystal in your pocket or bra will give you a little extra energy in whatever you are doing for the day. Other options are putting some salt in a tiny jar for protection, drawing sigils or symbols on notes or in your planner, picking up a pretty rock or bone, cleansing it and filling it with intent for what you may need at the time, whether that is luck, prosperity or love.

By Dan Farrell on Unsplash

6. Furthering your own witchcraft studies

For many years I struggled to further my own studies of witchcraft. I felt called to a deity but had no time to really sit down and study the lore surrounding Her. I felt that I should spend a few hours at a time researching but my 'to read' pile of books was growing and I wasn't reading any of them. I realized that I needed to let go of studying in a way that I would for a test and do it on my own terms in whatever time I had available but to do it every day.

I now keep a notebook beside the bed and at night I read from a book on the craft for a few minutes and make a note in the book. Some days I may read a few pages other days just a paragraph but it's something and I'm getting through more books than ever.

By Natalia Y on Unsplash

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, I do hope that it gives you some ideas to adding a little bit of magick to your daily life in a way that will be meaningful and beneficial for you.

Nadia Cowperthwaite
Nadia Cowperthwaite
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