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This Is Your Wake up Call

By Karina NistalPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Wake up and DO!

Too often we overlook our desires. We put off our dreams. We believe we have time. We postpone the things we've always wanted to do. We have doubts or simply don't have enough belief in ourselves. We weren't created to live a low-vibration life. Our body is our vehicle and we have to nourish it and attend to it the same way we would our mind, heart, and soul. Why stop there?

There must be something you've been dreaming of doing. There must be something on your bucket list you've wanted to accomplish. Think of these goals and visualize where you could see yourself going. Imagination is a spiritual faculty. We must see it, affirm it, and believe it. I have affirmations posted all over my wall to keep me on track! I repeat them daily to drill it into my subconscious.

Imagine how much more you could do to help humanity by starving your fears and feeding your soul? We need more people to wake up and live their purpose. Our work brings purpose to our lives. By doing the things we love to do repeatedly it helps to raise our vibration and makes us come alive. This is how we awaken and this is the reason we must do it! If it heals you and brings you joy, it could heal others and inspire them to pursue their own heart's desires.

We don't realize the importance of this and we think we have time. It's easy to sleep through life and only catch short glimpses of the moments we remember being elevated. We are in this zombie-like state, asleep until our soul finally awakens from being insulted by this lesser version of what we actually deserve. We won't always be able to live on a high note. By becoming more mindful of this truth, we can activate being more present. We can learn to dispose of some of these patterns that have not been helping us achieve our truer and higher selves.

The obvious truth is that people we know and hold in our hearts will pass away. This harsh reality reminds us that our time is limited and we should live with urgency pursuing those talents the Creator has given us. The hardest part is to reach that point in life where you have regrets for the chances you didn't take or the opportunities you never pursued.

Life is risky but it's riskier to stay in the same place, to be unfulfilled, and to be unhappy with your circumstances. We're all guilty of this. It's easy to do what's expected of us and follow the status quo. The easiest way to be unhappy is by pleasing others. By living a comfortable life of expectation you only undercut yourself. We are not intended to live in a box, work out of a cubicle, and be cookie-cutter unless those are all things you truly want for yourself but I doubt it. The average person holds fifteen jobs in their lifetime! But even the average person gets burned out. What if we based our life on how many people we've helped or fed? How many countries we've visited? What if we were able to work less and devote more time to our loved ones or to volunteer for a cause we believe in?

Today I challenge you to wake up. Seek more out of life. Take risks. Get out of your comfort zone. Find ways to grow and keep learning. Take up a creative hobby. Pick up an instrument. Start your own business. Write the book you've always wanted to write, visit a friend, or travel to that place you've always wanted to go. Whatever it is, now is the time to no longer delay. Don't worry about how it's going to happen, just start planning or working towards it. Don't worry about how the money will come. As long as you're focused the Universe will provide. Don't worry about the challenges along the way, simply trust that you are intended for more and believe that you can do it! Don't let your own self-doubt or critics discourage you. Study yourself, define yourself, and take action. Follow your dreams.

The problem is we think we have time but time is fleeting. It's never too late. You're never too old. You can always make time to do the things you aspire to do; to share your light and illuminate others just the same. Remember it only takes one lit candle to light the rest. Be fearless and driven. Live by example. Remind yourself you are capable and study those that have done it before you. Do the work, take the risks, and your prospects could pay off. Mainly remember to always make your calling a priority so life will be more rewarding. You deserve to live a meaningful existence.


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