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5 Things Money and Love Have in Common

They have taught me important lessons and helped me make better life decisions

By Rejoice DenherePublished 2 years ago 4 min read
5 Things Money and Love Have in Common
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Money is as different from love as oil is from water. They don’t mix well together but they have a lot more things in common than we can imagine.

Recognising the common characteristics between money, which is tangible and love, which is intangible, has helped me make better decisions. Both of them usually to invoke similar emotions.

Let’s get right to it.

1. It’s Either Easy to Get, or It’s Hard

Some people grow up surrounded by money. They own and can buy whatever they desire, with hardly a care in the world.

The less fortunate strive to put bread on the table. They have to work hard for their money.

Similarly, some people are fortunate to be raised by loving families. Disputes are resolved amicably and emotions are expressed freely, without reserve.

Lessons Learnt

When you come into this world you don’t get to choose which side of the tracks you will be living on. Your circumstances are not set in stone. You can take action to improve your situation. Rather than resenting those who have it easier, it is better to accept the cards you are dealt with then work to improve your situation.

When you don’t have love or money, cultivate an environment where they can both grow and thrive.

2. It Can Be Taken for Granted

Those who have it sometimes take it for granted.

Lessons Learnt

Take nothing for granted. Appreciate and be grateful for the good things you have in life. When you focus on the good in your life, you enable it to expand. The excess will naturally overflow and bless other people.

3. It Can Be Easily Lost

If you make one wrong move and you can lose it all. I used to watch an American TV Show called Cheaters. Individuals who suspected their partners of infidelity would hire private investigators to follow them and record their activities. In the final showdown, the cheaters would be caught red-handed. It was heartbreaking to watch relationships end.

Equally, bad financial decisions can lead one down a slippery slope, from which it can be hard to recover.

One wrong move is all it takes to lose everything.

Lessons Learnt

Take care when making decisions which could put your money or loving relationships at risk. It’s not worth risking everything for a quick profit. That’s greed. That’s what scammers bank on when they make tempting offers to unsuspecting victims.

The same applies to love. It is better to nurture the loving relationships you already have. There’s no need or benefit in chasing after rainbows. Rainbows belong in the sky. You may admire their beauty from a distance but don’t risk your all for them.

4. It Can Be Found in Unexpected Places

It can be found in the most unexpected places.

Lessons Learnt

Always keep an open mind where opportunities exist. You can make money selling a most unlikely product. Try new ideas, experiment and have fun while doing it. The idea you dismiss could be the breakthrough you need to make it big.

Matters of the heart are no different, so live life expectantly and be prepared to be surprised.

5. Life Changing

You only have to look at lottery winners to understand the power of money. Its presence can be life changing. The same goes for love. Have you seen how starry-eyed people become when they fall in love. When money and love are in abundance, the quality of life is so much better.

Someone once said, “Money can’t buy everything, but it certainly solves a lot of problems.” Equally, an abundance of love can make one feel invincible.

Lessons Learnt

Harness the power of money, and/or love to accomplish your dreams. People generally respond positively where there is an abundance of one or both.

Final Thoughts

Some people grow up surrounded by it. Others have to work for it. If you don’t have money, you can work hard and make some. If you don’t have love, you can cultivate a loving environment where respect thrives.

Those who have it sometimes take it for granted.

If you make one wrong move and you can lose it.

It can be found in the most unexpected places.

It’s presence can be life changing.

You Can’t Hurry Love — The Supremes sang it well and the lyrics speak for themselves.

I need love, love to ease my mind

I need to find, find someone to call mine

But mama said you can’t hurry love

No you just have to wait

She said love don’t come easy

It’s a game of give and take

You can’t hurry love

No, you just have to wait

You gotta trust, give it time

No matter how long it takes

But how many heartaches must I stand

Before I find a love to let me live again

Right now the only thing that keeps me hanging on

When I feel my strength, yeah, it’s almost gone

I remember mama said

Taken from the lyrics of “You Can’t Hurry Love” by the Supremes.

Source: Genius


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