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3 Easy Tricks To Instantly Get Out Of A Bad Mood

by Amanda Giroux about a year ago in happiness

Seriously don't waste this precious life with BS

3 Easy Tricks To Instantly Get Out Of A Bad Mood

Have you ever been in a bad mood that you feel like you just can't shake? Sometimes we feel like we don't even know WHERE the bad mood is coming from, we just feel off and pissy and irritable.

It can be extremely annoying (increasing the bad mood) to feel like you're not in control of your emotions. I used to think bad moods were normal and I just had to ride them out until I naturally felt better. It took me going to an Unleash The Power Within Event with Tony Robbins to TRULY understand the power my own mind held, and that I was FULLY in control of myself 100% of the time.

So I Am In Control? Yes!

Before I lose you, let me expand on this a moment...

We are not in control of WHAT happens in our lives, life is totally unpredictable and as much as we try and prepare, there are always unknowns that pop up. However we ARE in control of HOW we respond to what is happening and how long we decide to feel that emotional response.

Feeling like we are not in control of our own lives can be terrifying and at the very least, disheartening. The thought that outside sources and influences can just drag your emotions around like a rag doll...yikes.... But of course, this isn't true. Not even a little bit so congratulations! You are officially in control of your own life and how to respond to things around you!

It Just Takes Practice!

If you have ever shifted from one mood to the next, either voluntarily or involuntarily (which we all have) then if course it's totally possible to do on a regular basis. Think back to times in your life when you have been in a certain mood; maybe you were really tired, distracted, feeling lazy etc. All of a sudden something happens where you are needed in that moment, let's say your child falls down and hurts themselves, or your friend calls with an emergency and needs your help.

Did you remain on the couch all tired and grumpy while your toddler is screaming from a bump on the head, or did you immediately go into mama/papa bear mode and handle that shit? Right... When your friend calls you that her mom is in the hospital and she needs a ride, are you still thinking about your breakup with your significant other? No. You're 100% present and ready to help your friend with whatever she needs.

You Have All The Ingredients

Stop thinking you need something outside you to make a change! You already have all the ingredients inside of you, you just need to know what to use and when! So here it is...

3 Easy Tricks To Instantly Get Out Of A Bad Mood

1. Change what you are focusing on!

Energy flows where attention goes, so if you are focusing on the negative, you will get more negative. Make a short list of some really powerful people and moments that make you REALLY happy. When you catch yourself in a bad mood, practice shifting your focus onto one or more of those things/people. It could be the day you adopted your dog, or that time you bought your first car. Redirect your attention to something that you already know will improve your mood.

2. Change your physiology - body language baby!

Have you ever tried that exercise of standing tall with your hands on your hips for 30 seconds? It's supposed to increase your confidence, it's called the superman pose. if you have never done it, I suggest it! This actually DOES work on increasing confidence and here is how: it boosts testosterone, which naturally increases confidence and also lowers cortisol, the stress hormone, making you feel calm, like you can tackle anything.

I'm giving this to you as an example of how shifting our physiology helps improve our mood. If you catch yourself in a bad mood, immediately do a check: how am I sitting/standing? Where is my gaze? How is my mouth? Am I frowning? How do you normally stand or sit when you ARE happy? Try doing that instead. Shake your body out, jump clap, dance, open your chest, bring your chin up, smile! Do any of those things for 30 seconds and you will notice an improvement in your mood!

3. Chang your environment

What you physically see can have a massive impact on how you feel. Let's say you WERE in a good mood, until you got home and noticed the house is a disaster. All of a sudden you're feeling anxious and irritable, as your inner world starts to reflect your outer world.

Changing the environment you are in, even briefly will shift your focus and, where focus goes, energy flows! This could mean going for a quick walk around the block, going out for a coffee, heading into your favourite room in the house, taking a shower, etc. maybe it means cleaning your messy house, lighting some candles and playing some music!

What Is Inside Is What Spills Out

Using these tricks on getting yourself out of a bad mood will help, I know! But let's take it one step further. if you want to have LESS bad moods consistently, then I have an exercise that will be extremely helpful for you that you can do in 5 minutes, daily.

Practising Gratitude! When we focus on what we are grateful for and the abundance we already have, little things that would otherwise send us spiralling, don't affect us anymore because we have trained ourselves through practice to focus on what we HAVE over what we don't have.

5 minutes a day of simply writing out the things we are grateful for can make a HUGE impact on your life! I highly suggest it NOW, like right now go and make a list of all the things you're grateful for and post it up somewhere for you to look at daily!

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, no one can make you feel anything besides you, you are the driver!

Amanda xo


Amanda Giroux

Hi My name is Amanda! I am deeply emotional, with a lot of life experience and love expressing myself through writing. Hope you enjoy :-)

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Amanda Giroux
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