2020 is NOT a Bad Year

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Seeing the Blessing(s) of This Year

2020 is NOT a Bad Year

As this year is coming to a close in the next month or so, I've been reflecting on everything that has taken place. There's been many downs, we can all agree. But there's also been some tremendous, very significant ups that I think, as a collective, we all may not be acknowledging and allowing these ups to carry us into the next year with smiles and happy feelings.

First of all, let's just talk about how this year came in. There was so much excitement! Everyone was posting about how 2020 was "the year of clear vision". We felt this year was going to be the year to gain so much clarity and do things differently and accomplish so much. We were finally going to make those life changes we've been wanting to make, whether it was starting a business, finding love and happiness (in my Al Green voice), purchasing a home, etc. Whatever our hearts were desiring, at the top of this year, we felt this was THE year to fulfill those desires.

Then BOOM!! The pandemic hit and lockdowns started. Unfortunately, folks got sick with the virus, folks lost family and friends to the virus, jobs were lost , relationships ended or were severely tested, depression set in for some, etc. I can go on and on about all of the loss and terrible, stressful things that occurred the more this year unfolded. So much unpredictable B.S. has already happened that to have fear of whatever could happen next just might be necessary. But in spite of all the challenging things that have occurred that has made this year a living hell, there are still so many things that have happened that are beautiful. That are life changing in a good way. That are even blessings in disguise, believe it or not! Let's take a moment to harp on all these wonderful things, shall we?

One thing that I loved seeing this year: people getting creative and becoming entrepreneurs! I mean the entrepreneurial spirit was all up and through 2020!! Heavy on my social media timeline, I've seen a variety of businesses being promoted such as food, wine, health and fitness, selling jewelry, and more. Some of us ladies learned how to do our own hair and nails (myself included) and made that something lucrative! It looks like being forced to stay home wasn't working out so bad for a lot of folks! Instead, it was sparking ideas, helping to discover talents, and helping to build courage to share those ideas and talents with the world. It takes a lot to start a business, let alone starting one in a time where the economy isn't so great, everyone is in a space of worrying about their finances, and a pandemic is causing things to be in an upheaval overall. If you had the courage to still go after this goal even in the climate that we're in, I salute you! I wish you nothing but success! Keep going because the world still needs whatever you have to offer. And more importantly, the world still needs people like you who are brave enough to still live and take these kinds of risks to offer us great things in such a time.

Two other super beautiful things that people did this year were get married and have babies! Also very amazing things to accomplish in this time. If you were set to wed this year, with venues shutting down, social distancing rules coming into play, or the worry about having groups of people in one space, you may have felt discouraged about going through with such an event. If you were having a baby, on top of the stress of just being pregnant in a pandemic, worrying about keeping yourself healthy for also your baby's sake, I'm sure there may have been some worries about giving birth in a hospital environment at this time. But once again, through social media, I saw friends and family persevering! People made their adjustments, got over any fears, and made these things happen. People tied the knot even if they couldn't have their big wedding and still looked elated doing it! And for the ladies who had babies, even though it was during a time like this, I know you wouldn't change a thing about bringing such a gift into the world. To everyone who had these experiences this year, I'm so happy that you still got your chance to grow through these life changing events that symbolize nothing but love! Which is what we need in the world more than anything right now.

Finally, it feels like a great awakening has taken place overall this year for many. In being forced to slow down and sit still, many were able to see things in the world for what they really are. Many discovered more of themselves, what they believe in, and what they want out of life going forward. I'm sure many people have finally done away with things that they figured were no longer for them or needed. And you must know that with every ending, you invite the possibility for something even greater to come to you, so don't feel discouraged in that. We've also had the chance to cherish more of the things and people that we love and become more grateful for what we have. This includes even being more grateful for the time that we have on earth. Even if any of these processes were hard, trust that it's all very necessary to create more of the great and loving world that we all want to see because it all starts with self.

So again, as I reflect on 2020, I do not deny that crazy, super stressful, and disheartening things took place beyond measure. But I choose to see the good because through it all, we still chose to let the good happen. No matter what, it is in our nature to always want the best for ourselves and to want good around us, and just in the world period pooh! We ultimately strive for this without having to think about it. In discussing this year overall with my sister, she summed it up by saying "love wins". When I look close enough, that's exactly what I see about 2020. That's exactly what I want to encourage you all to see about 2020. I know it's not easy, but it's necessary because that's how we move forward becoming who we need to be for the better and ultimately, changing the world. So keep letting love win y'all!! I promise, with that, we'll always win overall.

We are love. We are light. We are blessed.


Alesia Davis
Alesia Davis
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