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10 Quotes To Remind Us Of The Power Of Our Mindset

- David Stidston

By David StidstonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
"Your mindset matters. It affects everything - from the business and investment decisions you make, to the way you raise your children, to your stress levels and overall well-being." - Peter Diamandis

Mindset is everything! Our response to various circumstances and situations, along with our perception and attitude, play such a vital role in what transpires in our life, all of which are determined by our mindset. We have complete control over our mindset, however most of us fail to exercise that control, allowing our emotions to continually get the better of us, leading ourselves into a life of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and misery. Whilst many of us head off to the gym and lift those heavy weights, in a bid to tone, build muscle, and increase strength, we totally forget to apply ourselves to strengthen the one component of our body that has the power to determine the quality of our life. Whilst we need that physical training to keep fit and healthy, we need mind training just as much, in order to better learn to control our emotions, enhance our self belief, and learn to think positively. Like any training, the more we engage in personal development and mind training, the stronger we become mentally and emotionally. We start believing in ourselves, our ability, and our potential. We start learning to focus on our goals, continually feeling more and more motivated, determined, and driven, to achieve success. We start to learn how to accept, manage, and overcome, challenges, adversities, and failures. We start to adopt a more positive outlook on life, whilst dispatching of all the negativity that continually attempts to drag us down. We start to learn how to control and manage our emotions, and rather than whinging, complaining, and playing the victim of our circumstances, we view it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and problem solve. We start learning how to manage other people more calmly, maturely, and effectively, resisting the urge to arc up, become frustrated, or fire up in anger. Whatever we allow our mindset to think and believe, and how we conform our actions and attitude, determines what results we achieve, and how our outlook on life is manufactured. Here are 10 quotes to remind us of the power our mindset truly possesses, and how we should continually work on strengthening it, to enhance our future and quality of life.

1.- "Your mindset matters. It affects everything - from the business and investment decisions you make, to the way you raise your children, to your stress levels and overall well-being."

- Peter Diamandis

2.- “Happiness has to do with your mindset, not with outside circumstance.”

- Steve Maraboli

3.- "People with a growth mindset believe that they can improve with effort. They outperform those with a fixed mindset, even when they have a lower IQ, because they embrace challenges, treating them as opportunities to learn something new."

- Travis Bradberry

4.- "I think the work ethic will take me wherever I want to go in life. It's my mindset that determines how, when, and if I'll get there."

- Karen Bardsley

5.- "I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in."

- Roger Clemens

6.- "You try something, it doesn't work, and maybe people even criticize you. In a fixed mindset, you say, 'I tried this, it's over.' In a growth mindset, you look for what you've learned."

- Carol S. Dweck

7.- “Your mindset is the thermostat that sets the tone for every environment you enter.”

- Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

8.- “Happiness depends on your mindset and attitude. Happiness is in your mind, not in the circumstance.”

- Roy T. Bennett

9.- "Success is really about your mindset."

- F. Gary Gray

10.- "I truly believe in positive synergy, that your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook, and belief that you can do something great means you will do something great."

- Russell Wilson

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