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It will help to remain faithful in the belief that Good things are for you❗

By HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)Published 12 months ago 3 min read
Top Story - June 2023
Young man
Photo by Yang Deng on Unsplash

“Where Have All The Big Fish 🐠 gone?”

I looked over to the right and said:

“Who Cleaned out the Lake?”

“The Government,” answered my Dad...

Looking over at me he continued..

“There Going to Build a Hospital 🏥”

Confused I said, “why would they Kill the Fish and Mermaids 🧜‍♀️ just to Build a Hospital?”

“Well people need more help in this Small Town and That would be Providing an Extra place for the suffering and Hurt people so that they could build up better”..said, my Dad

“Okay we’ll who’s looking after the fish? I remember when I was here last year.. me and Mom saw a Mermaid or a Really Big Fish...”

“Dad, I wish that I Could Keep them all, perhaps we could Build a Lake..” releasing his hand as I Ran downhill next to the Dried up lake.

“Okay Son, let’s not get carried away...”

“But, Dad you said I could Do anything if I put My Mind To it... so Let’s Build a Lake!”

“Well, Son listen Your 10 years of age right now so how about when Your 33.. let’s see if you still feel the same.”

“Okay Dad so How about we Boycott the Hospital and Maybe they’ll return the lake.”

Son you Really Loved that lake huh 🤔 💭

“Yes Dad” I Said.

“The Hospital Charges too much Money to Help people, How come they Don’t Help people for Free?” Why is the Government so Mean?

“There not mean Son Everyone has to Earn a living, so there just thinking Business.”

“Yes I Understand Dad.”

Son, “Everyone has a Journey, they’re going to 🧳 Travel in life, but Remember That Good Comes with Every Bad”..

“We Mustn’t Judge or Compare our Journey To Any “Man”or “Higher Power.”

Okay Dad, “So when I’m Older, would you Really Help me Build a Lake?

“ Yes Son, I would be wiser and Definitely equipped with the tools I Need..Mentally 🧘🏿 and physically, Emotionally also Spiritually!

Dad, what does that mean?

It means “I’ll pray and Believe while working towards the Goal then, “The Higher Power will deliver.”

“Wow just like that?”

“No son it’s an Agreement to LET THE (Higher Powers) BE IN CHARGE... which means “ although you want a lake with an abundance of fish🐟 Higher Powers might want you to Have maybe just A House with Amazing Landscaping, furthermore a great Pool in the Backyard with a Big fish Tank inside your House.”🏡

“We’ll Dad, I think we better get Home.. so that I could start 🙏 Praying Right Away!”

33rd Birthday 🥳

I remembered Every year on my Birthday 🎉 what my Dad had declared to me, that day before the government took the park away, and now I'm excited to see what my Gift this year would be.

“Son Happy Birthday 🎂🎊 I saved the Best Gift 🎁 for last.”

“ Okay, so cool 😎 Mom says, you’ve been doing a great job with your Secret Project Dad, I wonder 💭 what you were doing?”

He Looks up at me, and says “Okay cool I’m just going to go get my Blindfolds”.

Mom looks like she has no clue 🕵️‍♀️ of what to do... so she Stands there waiting as Dad hands over the car keys 🔑 and puts the blinds on me.

Honey I’m outside in the car 🚘..(moments later)I heard mom’s voice echo through the phone.📱

The drive was good and Smoothly 🌅 30mins.. ⏱ I felt Fluttered with Excitement and my Mom followed Dad’s Directions 🗺 Carefully. They shared Great Communication ,with mom occasionally saying “ I remember That Place, and “Oh That’s Nice”.

I listened to the music 🎶 in the low background “Cause I’m contemplating on Turning Back.. I feel like saying it’s a wrap..But I can’t handle all of that”.. Jonathan McReynolds’s Beautiful falsetto flowed through the car Speakers 🔊 “Don’t Ever let me go... The Way That you Love Me”.

Dad plays that Song 🎵 A lot.

Finally Everything Stops 🛑 and the Engine shuts down with a Silent “poof” 🚘

Hearing silence as I Exit the car, one Foot at a time…

“Careful not To Trip” mom said while closing the car door shut with a low(Thump)behind me.

Guided by Dad my nerves 😬 full of Excitement and curiosities..


Blindfolds are off

Eyes 👀 Opened..

To my Surprise “The Higher Power” Has Definitely Delivered.”



By Robert Bahn on Unsplash

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  • Joe Luca11 months ago

    Nice story, Lonzo. Having two men working together toward the same goal - that's pretty special. 😊🦄✨

  • Jacob Damian11 months ago

    Congratulations!! Great story please keep it up is so wonderful and heartfelt story

  • Heather Hubler11 months ago

    What a wonderful heartfelt story :) I loved the ending!!! Congratulations on Top Story!!

  • Lamar Wiggins12 months ago

    Great story, Lonzo. It felt very alive. Loved the Emojis 💖✨. One of your signature moves that were effective in telling the story... Congrats!

  • Holly Pheni12 months ago

    Beautiful story and heartfelt message, friend!

  • wow this is great

  • I loved this, so cool! I love this desire to build a lake, save and help the fish and the mermaid! Definitely a relatable point of view there, and such a heartwarming piece!

  • joel perkins12 months ago


  • Kim Loostrom12 months ago

    A wonderful top story! Very creative and I love the ending!

  • Gerald Holmes12 months ago

    Wonderful story. Very well done. Congrats.

  • Gina C.12 months ago

    YES!! Congratulations on Top Story!! 🤗❤️

  • em12 months ago

    your name is exactly that: you're a poet and you write HANDSOMELY

  • Judey Kalchik 12 months ago

    It’s a poetic short story! I do believe you have invented a new thing! And a great lesson that has obviously stayed with you

  • Jack B.12 months ago

    That's an excellent story. Check out mine if you want

  • It's really nice seeing this change of pace from you. You seamlessly weave your poetic style into dialogue. Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Imaobong Williams12 months ago

    An interesting read.

  • Grz Colm12 months ago

    I don’t think I’ve read a short story from you before.. I really enjoyed your dialogue Lonzo. Congrats! 😁

  • J. S. Wade12 months ago

    Lonzo. This is epic ! Congratulations 🥰🥇

  • Test12 months ago

    Very sweet, Lonzo and many congrats ⭐️

  • Jason Ray Morton 12 months ago

    Nice work. Congratulations on your top story.

  • Sara Frederick12 months ago


  • Mark Graham12 months ago

    This story would make a great Sunday school lesson or even a social skills lesson in school. Great work.

  • Nice story..keep it up

  • Real Poetic12 months ago


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