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Fast and Foolproof Ways to Get Your Tinder Match into Your Bed

Its easier than you think

By Johnny BlackPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Fast and Foolproof Ways to Get Your Tinder Match into Your Bed
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If you are here it is because you want to learn how to get with that woman. You want to learn how to interact with the woman you like confidently and assertively. You are probably tired of fumbling at the mouth trying to piece together the "right line" to say to her. You want to know how to dress, what to say, all the tips and tricks to pick up that chick that you like. Finally and most importantly you want to learn how to close the deal with her and end up in bed. If you are looking for the answer to this puzzle you have found yourself in the correct place. All I have to offer is my tried and proven method on closing the deal with women I have just met.

In short, this is my method of skipping the bullshit and getting straight to the business.

The Tinderoni Method

I will begin the discussion with my first method. Ive chosen this method because in my experience it is the easiest method out there. he world is chronically online and its never been easier to swipe your way into some coochie.

Set up a dating profile on tinder, hinge, bumble, etc. I reccomend Tinder because the pool of women on there are closer to what we are looking for. We are looking for women that are willing to smash a complete stranger and believe it or not Tinder is full of these types of women. If you arent having luck on Tinder chances are you are coming about it all wrong. You more than likely have matched with a chick who is just as eager as you are to smash. The problem is you are not confident enough to be bold. Women desire confidence and they respect when you can be bold about what you want.

A women for the most part isnt going to tell you right away that she desires you and wants to sleep with you. If she does it will be in a subtle manner. However, when you are bold in the way you carry yourself this changes. Women will straight up tell you they like you and they want to fuck you.

So then, how do we go about smashing the Tinderoni.

Everyone gets matches on Tinder. You may find yourself sending a message and getting no reply. Then you might send another and still no reply. Your messages might look like this,

"Hey you are hot."



"Do you like coffee?"

Honestly, whatever you are writing as your first message is probably wrong and i will tell you why. Women on tinder are on Tinder for 2 reasons and anyone saying differently is either naïve or lying to your face. Women want validation and they want to get fucked. These are the only two reasons they are on there. The ones with "no hookups" in their bio or "looking for love" are usually lying and most often red flag chicks you shouldn't go near.

When you send your first mesage on tinder the chick is putting you in one of two categories of men. The men that want to give her validation and the men that want give her sex. So what should your first message be for all your matches? Anything that puts your intentions first. Now you can be as straightforward as you want with it or you can be poetic and suave. It really doesnt matter what you say it matters what feeling is evoked when the Tinderoni reads this first message. Messages like, "hi" ""Hey" "Hottie" "lets talk" They get 10,000 of these per day. Boring. They do not care you are already put in the validation category. However, when your first message is "I only want to fuck so dont reply unless you do too." what do you think is going through her mind? Now being this bold isnt going to get you every chick. Some chicks see that message and scoff. Maybe they unmatch you. Maybe they reply calling you disgusting. Who cares. The point of this bold message is to take care of two things.

  • It saves you time in figuring out which chicks are down
  • It shows your intention right away
  • I have used this method and continue to use this method with great success. This game is honestly so easy when you are able to understand the psychology of desire. If you want to learn more and in much greater detail everything can be taught right here


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