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Fantastic Fatherhood Comics

A highlight of a few webcomic artists who are nailing the whole "Dad-Joke" thing

By Bri CraigPublished 11 months ago Updated 9 months ago 3 min read
Top Story - June 2023
A Comic by LunarBaboon

I am a huge fan of anything that makes me laugh, and this has influenced everything from my taste in movies to my dating life. But if I'm being honest, I owe this love of laughter to my Dad - the first person to make me laugh and the first person to make me appreciate the humor of our silly little lives.

As many of you know, I've written a great deal about the transition from the "Sunday Funnies" to digital media: I have a long list of articles dedicated to highlighting webcomic series all around the corners of the world wide web. But I can't deny that without the influences of my father and grandfather, none of those articles would have been written. From my father introducing me to Gary Larson's comics, to my Grandfather mailing me snippets of "Calvin and Hobbes" in the mail - these men are the reason I grew up to appreciate the fine art of visual humor.

So, even though today is the day after Father's Day - I wanted to put together a special "Father's Day" webcomic artist showcase for the two father figures of my life.

So this one goes out to all the Funny Dads out there.

Lunar Baboon by Christopher Grady

The first webcomic artist that I'd like to highlight is LunarBaboon. Christopher Grady's comics are both sweet and funny. They explore topics of creativity, parenthood, and mental health in a relatable and soul-wrenching way. I've talked about LunarBaboon before in my series, "Wholesome Webcomics that are Almost as Good as Therapy" but I had to bring up this fantastic artist once again for this series because these comics tend to make me think about my own dad (and I've frequently sent him these comics to read and laugh at).

Here are a few cute examples:

And it's worth noting that while a large portion of LunarBaboon's comics deal with fatherhood, it is not the only subject of the comics, as shown in this final example:

Fowl Language by Brian Gordon

Fowl Language is a funny little comic series that pokes at the "joys" of parenthood.... if everyone were a duck. It's a sassy and tongue-in-cheek comic that knows firsthand that kids are the ones who press your buttons the most.

From the cartoonist himself: "My comics are largely inspired by my struggles as a parent, my fascination with technology, science and all things geeky. Oh, and a constant, crushing wave of self-doubt and anxiety. That’s a big source of inspiration, too."

One of Those Days by Yehuda Devir

This is another webcomic series that I've featured before, and I originally talked about it in my "Sweet and Silly Slice-of-Life Webcomics" series. While the comic started as a poke at the Cartoonist's life with his partner (now-wife) Maya - the series has slowly evolved as the two have begun to go through the wild rollercoaster of young parenthood.

One of my favorite aspects of this comic series is the cartoonist's ability to communicate so much in a single panel. The art is detailed, dynamic, and one of my favorite styles I've seen.

JonaJooey by Jonathan Jui

Jonathan Jui is another webcomic artist who uses the creative outlet of webcomics to tease about the trials and tribulations of parenthood. I love his simple yet elegant way of looking at those small nuances of toddler and baby care. In my examples below, you can see in some of the comics that his style of art has changed slightly as he has continued down his career - but I like both styles in their simplicity and light color palettes.

Honorable Mention: SMBC Comics by Zach Weinersmith

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics is a great and fun series with a ton of very funny comics about parenthood. However, since parenthood is not the main focus of the comics, I can't quite add them to this list. However I will at least leave you with a comic to give you a taste...

Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed this special collection of fatherhood webcomics! If you'd like to check out my entire collection of Webcomic Articles, Check out "A Compendium of Online Webcomic Collections"

And as always, please, let me know if you would like to see more webcomic features. You can leave a heart or comment to let me know you like this series, or you can let me know on Instagram or on Twitter (I also love webcomic recommendations)!


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  • Shirley Belk8 months ago

    Ok, I'm a Baby Boomer and have never heard of Web Comics. Modern day Funny the concept. Great topic.

  • Entertainment 4 U11 months ago

    These comics often aim to shed light on the multifaceted nature of fatherhood, exploring the different roles and responsibilities fathers take on, the challenges they face, and the meaningful connections they form with their kids. They may also touch upon important topics such as guidance, support, and the growth and development of both the children and the fathers themselves.

  • Donna Renee11 months ago

    Yessss!!! These are great. I love relatable comics like this, about parenting and relationships too. Great article! 😁

  • Lamar Wiggins11 months ago

    Thanks for the laugh and the education. And congrats on your Top Story.

  • Veronica Coldiron11 months ago

    Hi Bri! This was an exceptional read! I think comics are a fun way of bringing human interest issues to light in a way that's both intelligent and fun. This article was awesome! I raised my two boys on Sunday morning comics and somehow wound up with a comedian in the family. LOL! >PS... my son, "Life of Sherba" is on Tik Tok. He does the dad joke thing a lot because he is raising two little girls by himself. The comics in your article cracked me up so much I shared them with him. He said: "These are great, mom. I've seen them, of course, but they're great." LOL! I'm enclosing a link to one of his short TikToks where he examines a pirate joke with his girls. Totally breaks me up. Thanks for the pick-me-up and have a wonderful day! :)

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