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Woman Who Has Been Married 11 Times Cries Out As Fiance Number 12 Calls Off The Wedding

What will it take for Monette Diaz to finally settle down forever?

By Mrs HPublished about a year ago 2 min read

This is her background story.

For many people, being married and divorced more than twice might signify that marriage is not for them after all, but for 53-year-old Monette, it seems it's just a trial and error.

In a new series by TLC (Addicted to Marriage), the 53-year-old shocked many people after revealing that she has been married 11 times and engaged 28. According to her, though from a very young age, it had always been her dream to settle down and build a beautiful home —  like the one she had with her parents —  she never thought it would be this difficult.

Talking to, Monette narrated her tragedy. “It all began when my father suddenly died in a car accident while I was in high school.

“My dad was the person who protected me. He was always there. He was the anchor in my life. When I lost him, I… kept trying to fill that hole by finding someone who could take the pain away.”

However, after 11 failed marriages, the Utah interior designer has accepted that maybe she is fighting a lost battle — no one will ever replace her dad.

Additionally, Monette said she had no choice but to get married so she could be intimate with her partners in line with her strict Mormon belief — no sex before marriage. However, she dismisses internet claims that that was her sole purpose in tying the knot. "In all those marriages, I truly believed this one's the one."

Nonetheless, in a new episode, Monette said though she always believed her past partners were the one, she was sure John (who had just cancelled the wedding) was indeed Godsent. “It’s really painful for me to have another failure, especially in this relationship where I tried so hard.” But where did things go wrong?

In an argument aired on the show, John was overheard saying, “I’m done with the playing. Until you come to terms with what you do and your role in your failed relationships, you’ll never have a good one… ever.” With a heavy heart, Monette responded, “Use that John… use that.”

I’m using it to tell you something,” he said. “And you need to pay attention. You’re not going to have a healthy relationship with the manipulation and stuff that you do. I’m tired… I’m not playing the game.” John said as he walked away.

As heartbreaking as it sounds, Monette only folded her arms and said ok. However, she still believes her man is out there. I’m still going to hold on to hope to finally have a good marriage,” she said.

What do you think about this case? I think she just needs to give up or go for counselling and find out what is wrong with her because I believe the issue is with her and not with the man shes been; like l said she is looking for something that doesnt exist( replacing her dad)I might be wrong but thats just my thoughts? Let me know yours in the comments section below; I will be waiting and thank you for stopping by. Much appreciated.


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