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Wedding Outfits That Are Perfect For The Brother Of The Bride Or Groom

Everyone will be talking about the groom's or bride's brother and his appearance. So why not make it memorable? Let us guide you through a few trendy options that you would love to incorporate into your ethnic wardrobe more than anyone else.

By Amit KumarPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

South Asian weddings are vibrant and colorful events, and what better occasion than a wedding to celebrate with your entire family under one roof? And it gets even more exciting when you attend your sibling's wedding. It's a bittersweet feeling to see your sibling embark on a new adventure with another person, whether you're young or old.

Apart from organizing and assisting your sibling in having the wedding of their dreams, you must also look your best. Everyone will be talking about the groom's or bride's brother and his appearance. So why not make it memorable? Let us guide you through a few trendy options that you would love to incorporate into your ethnic wardrobe more than anyone else.

1. Jodhpuri Suits

When it comes to looking dapper and regal, Jodhpur Suits are the way to go. It's an Indo-western ensemble influenced by western tailoring techniques and Indian bandhgala jackets over premium vests. The collars are generally high, and the suits have a good quality texture and fabric that is paired with customized fitted pants. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can choose embellished or colored buttons. To dress it up, add a colored or floral-printed pocket square or a brooch.

2. Kurta with Nehru Jackets

A kurta-pajama with a Nehru jacket is one option for an outfit. A pastel, bright, or dark Nehru jacket over a kurta looks great. Floral Nehru jackets are very popular right now. You can wear a plain-colored kurta with the same-colored trouser or a pajama with a printed Nehru jacket.

A plain Nehru Jacket is a wardrobe essential. You can wear it with anything, including a shirt and pants. And believe us when we say that one Nehru jacket can be styled in a variety of ways for a wedding. It all comes down to putting the right pieces together.

3. Sherwani

Sherwani is a popular ethnic wear for men that is preferred for cultural or festive occasions. The groom's brother or sister can choose from a few options for a simple yet edgy-looking sherwani.

If you're not feeling adventurous, opt for a dark-hued bandhgala sherwani with a colorful pocket square or a minimal-designed brooch.

Alternatively, how about a simple kurta pajama and an open-buttoned sherwani with mirror work?

Combine a sherwani with a traditional dhoti. Make sure the dhoti pleats are properly set, or your entire look will look sloppy.

4. Kurtas with Patiala Pants

A kurta paired with Patiala pants is the best and most comfortable option for the groom's or bride's brother. Get a matching stole to complete the look with a Bollywood flair.

Another good option is a pastel-colored plain kurta-salwar pants with an embroidered or printed stole in contrasting colors.

5. Draped Asymmetric Kurtas

Asymmetric silhouettes are popular not only in women's clothing, but also in men's clothing. It is fashionable to wear something that stands out from the crowd, and as a brother, I prefer something unique yet trendy. The asymmetrical part adds movement to the well-fitted kurta with stylish lungi online, and you can skip draping a stole around your neck. Pair with a Nehru jacket if desired. It will undoubtedly look fantastic and earn you compliments.

When pairing the kurta with jackets, you can experiment with prints.

6. Short Kurtas

As a brother of the groom/bride, you will have a lot of responsibilities, and when it comes to comfort, nothing beats short kurtas with tailored trousers. Especially for pre-wedding ceremonies like Mehndi and Haldi, where you want to wear something lighter.

A light-fabric, small-printed black kurta pajama is a traditional choice for men at festive occasions.

Or a dark-hued embroidered kurta with the same color pants.

For pre-wedding festivities, you can also wear a pastel-colored Mirror work kurta and pyjama.

7. Angrakha Kurtas

An angrakha kurta with different silhouettes is a good choice for the sophisticated fashion brother. When it comes to this type of kurta, you will have a lot of options. When it comes to angrakhas, there are numerous styles to choose from.

A bandhgala angrakha kurta with a flare on one side, for example.

Or a straight, well-fitting angrakha with buttons on the side. If you want to add a pop of color to your outfit, go with a solid color and colorful buttons.

Bengali men wear angrakha kurtas with dhotis, and the whole look is picture-perfect.

8. Kurta with Jackets

You can dress up a simple plain kurta by layering on a jacket. It also depends on the type of jacket you want; there are numerous options. Jackets that are long, knee-length, short, waist-length, mock jackets, and so on.

A South Asian wedding calls for bright colors, so pair this printed kurta and jacket in the same orange hue with maroon trousers.

9. Tux

No matter his age, shape, or size, a man looks dapper in a tux. Something about a tuxedo makes men appear sophisticated and charming. If you want to go for a classic tux as a brother, choose embellished or printed bow ties, brooches, or cufflinks.

When we think of a tux, we think of a classic bow tie with a tailored suit and pants.


Menswear in ethnic has options if properly researched. We now have some really good designers who understand that men like fashionable outfits, not just western outfits, but men may also like to experiment with ethnic wear. Designers have altered the game of men's fashion. So, as a brother of a married sibling, don't be concerned that only the bride or groom has options. You can also have some fantastic choices for yourself, and who doesn't want to look good at their sibling's wedding? Right! Play with prints and pastels, mix and match, layer, have fun when choosing an outfit, and find your A-game. Layering is a fashion trend, so try it with your ethnic wear as well.

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