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The Unlikely Encounter

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By ROCKY KARIPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

Our meeting was unwarranted solely based on our physical appearance because what she had to say was in no way related to me.

The thriving city became her home, its life being manifested in the hum of this young woman’s existence. Her name was Emily. She was more of a colorful like-minded being, an artist, but even with the joy and brightness strong as her paintings, she was lonely, and that sadness has painted her life. At one point, Emily with her skills and excellent nature couldn’t find true love. She would pass the nightly hours walking about in the where she usually experienced the soothing allure of nature at work.

A bland and gloomy day was coming to an end. The sun had set, Emily was sauntering through a small city park. This day will be unforgettable as the smell of the blooming flowers was all over the air and the sound of the birds was chirping all over the trees. Irritated by the thoughts in her mind, the Emily when she abruptly nearly collided into a stranger. The man has a gentle smile and eyes that show kindness and empathy.

Vowing to repent, Emily lifted her eyes to meet her eye to eye and in her deepest core, it was lighten. In what seemed like fate's interdiction, however, their paths were meant to cross in a manner of serendipity.

Alex, a musician who forgot about fears and struggles in his music, turned into the stranger. Actually, he had a deep conviction that a music in a person's heart couldn't be replaced by any material things. Despite them being worlds apart, Emily and Alex found themselves having an instant connection. It was a magnetic energy that presented itself from a language that they knew well-the language of feeling and creativity.

As days switched to weeks, Emily and Alex were together ever more time, walking into the depths of their souls with their artworks and music. Each day for them passed, bringing along an increase in love between them as though the park they first met was itself in vibrant bloom.

However, during the time of this happiness a shadow was covering up Alex somewhere in his heart together with an undisclosed issue that he had. He realized that he was not free to reciprocate his love for Emily totally. He was tied up by the past, having an oath to a regression to the past to someone he once adored.

In Kate Chopin's story "The Awakening," Emily's and Alex's love lives experiences a lot of development along which is accompanied by the increasing gravity of Alex's secret He realized that he could escape this divine obligation only for a little while; however, the thought of revealing the secret made him shiver in horror. He feared his past, the fact that it could force them apart and nothing short from shattering the fragile happiness they had built together.

One evening they were sitting in the yard before the dark sky, and Emilia experienced how Alex was going through it in his heart. She helped him realize it was nobody’s fault, and gently urged him to lay the weight down to let her carry their love’s strength and not break its bones.

Finally he opened-up and admitted that he belonged to somebody else a marriage agreement he had been forced to accept as a burden on his family’s behalf many years ago. Despite that he was deeply in love of Emily, his duty and tradition confronted him with the unbearable feelings of split.

Heard it all in ambiguity that nearly broke her heart, the girl was in love with him. The facts were clear; she could see the weight of the situation. Nevertheless, in spite of that, she wasn't willing to have their love being directed by the whims, nor led, by the fate.

That Monday felt like the first real unrequited goodbye. With unwavering determination, Emily made one decision–to remain with Alex no matter the inconvenience. She always would stand up for their love until the light of day comes even if its cost is her own happiness.

The Power of Love becomes the song that stays in the memory, reminds of the training process and motivates us to take action.

As they wrestled with unfamiliar feelings, a spirit of calling was kindled in Emily and Alex, propelling them towards their highest selves. Their united ambition led them down a winding road – a quest to contradict defined fate and engineer the road they would like to walk to a better future.

With all the zeal and firmness of her affection, Emily began to paint on canvas with the aim to capture the spirit of their love. Every stroke exerted from the brush was a clear testimony of the deep love they shared—that was the promise not to bow down for the forces of all that wanted them to be apart.

On the other hand, Alex channelled his anguish into his music composing songs whose fragility resonated with the magnitude of his angst. With their artistic expression they found relief and engage and eventually this led them to believe that whatever the challenge that came along their way, they could outlive and outsmart it.

On the minus side, as the connection grew deep and pure, so did hatred and obstacle they encountered. Everywhere they turned, their friends and family would be right there, cautioning them about the repercussions of challenging the status quo and the demands of would-be achievers to set aside their visions in favor of practicality.

And so did Emily and Alex found the strength to challenge the thoughts of despair. For they also knew that this was the very meaning of true love—that it was worth fighting for regardless of all obstacles; no boundary or irrationality would stop them.

As from days to weeks and weeks to months the time passed by, Emily and Alex's relationship was tested. They were passing their time with each other and they decided to give love a chance. A relationship full of ups and downs, their loyalty never retreated a bit, as they are certain to stay in love forever.

And then, on an autumn morning, while walking under a canopy of yellow leaves and accompanied by the golden rays of sun, Alex made up his mind—a step that spiralled in a n movement which was to change their lives.

His hands shook and his heart was rapidly beating, he said to Emily the words that he was risking to hear: “will you marry me?”. Thus, along with the love overcoming all the hardships that time brought, the couple knew they had won on this moment as the tears of the joy washed down their faces.

Like a veil over their hearts and an inferno to their souls, Emily and Alex started their where they would journey with an endless boundary and their love bulging forever.

Indeed, they understood at the end of the day that love was not solely emotion any more. Instead, it was a more powerful phenomenon, something that could tame both time and space and take them into a beautiful tomorrow.

And while they walked, hand in hand, to the sunset, their love sparkled like a bright star showing the world the true strength of feeling, sacrifice, and the indisputable evidence the good things will happen in the end.


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  • D. ALEXANDRA PORTER2 months ago

    ✍️ Your work has some touching moments. I hope that you continue to write.


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