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The Song of First Love

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By ROCKY KARIPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

While at Lincoln High School the hallways were extremely thriving, because of the numerous voices and people’s footsteps, a different place emerged inside that it was a quiet world – school library. It was at this point, where the shy bookworm - Emily- had found the needed quiet from the high school drama that girls her age finds themselves entangled in.

Someday, on a gray afternoon, Emily could not put book down, and a very soothing melody got inside to her ears. Seeing that, she watched from the side politely. There was a boy playing the piano in the corner. His fingers being a disciplined artist skillfully glide above the keys and his eyes enclosed in full concentration.

Music caught hold of Emily as she felt unable to avoid it. She noticed a tingle in the chest, a feeling that she had never felt as long as she could remember. The girl stayed still for every note until it was completely gone, with the library and the book joined in harmonious silence. Emily looked at the boy slightly when his eyes opened up; it happened so unexpectedly, she immediately felt a bit embarrassed in the face.

It was some sort of fate that over the following weeks Emily was pulled up by the library, hoping that the player could be met again. If she had the chance of meeting him again, each time she saw him, she was afraid that her heart would skip a beat, however it was she who was trying to look for an opportunity but was too shy to do so.

Now one afternoon, Wilhelm got the hand of EM in all accident when the she her is getting the books she put the books pile for saving now all people got watch it. Overwhelmed with fear, she had gathered them up hastily, but a known voice chimed in asking if she would be fine with the task. It turned out to be the piano player; it was him.

They struggled to tie up the mess using pieces of broken paper. Their forced small talk was accompanied by shared uneasy smiles. After overcoming her initial hesitation, Emily met Alex, a senior from Lincoln High School, who was also a fellow junior at their school. That’s how they found a mutual appreciation to classical music and literary works, and then they fell into the easy talking pattern.
Ori "The song of First love" presents the moral as consisting of the concept of courage, locating self, and the character changing ability of love.

The story in all the while depicts the evolution of Emily Alex relationship, which features from the very first stage of attraction to the second stage of openness and honesty. Their way is a proof that you should take your fear of the unknown and the factors that might restrain you to make everything more comfortable and more familiar by no means.

At the very beginning, Emily is timid and shy, she is in talks with everybody but she is afraid to follow her heart. Eventually, she walks on a path to her affection for music and makes an acquaintance with Alex. Her life is an illustration of how discovering the inner self and making it a reality, which is challenging with fear and doubt, is the key for success.

Moreover, he struggles with this jeopardizing aspect concerning his obsession with Emily's love and unsure of how to start a conversation about his feelings. Even though he has a difficult time, that starts to change with their joint experiences and intimate conversations. He's able to learn and reveal his true feelings.

Eventually, high school walls become their boundaries but their love stands the test of time. It enriches both of them with deep trust, open communication, and of course, resilience i.e., the antibody to many of life’s problems. Love always triumphs over what seems impossible only to bring the reason for individual development, and their togetherness is a bright example of this.

In other words, the main crux of the plot centers around Emily and her troublesh issues in the process of falling in love for the first time. Through this, the protagonist helps the readers recognize the importance of being authentic, overcoming their fears, and cherishing the connections that make life meaningful.


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