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The Most Beautiful Wedding Rings for Pretty Brides

Wedding Ring Ideas for Modern Brides

By Eric BakerPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Daddy’s little princess is all grown up now and already dreaming of living a blissful life with her handsome prince in a loving kingdom. But this journey from being a dear princess to being a committed queen is incomplete without exchanging a token of eternal union and selfless love.

With matrimonial bells jingling all around, the to-be bride must now hunt for her slice of absolute bliss, an exquisite piece of jewelry that will vouch for her lifelong commitment to her to-be groom.

Are you also hunting for a priceless souvenir to adorn your ring finger to celebrate your marital relationship? If yes then a “pretty” bride deserves the most “beautiful” wedding ring to start the new chapter in life with her prince charming, doesn’t she?

Wedding Ring Ideas for Modern Brides

When we are talking about something aesthetic and bright don’t you think the definition of “beautiful” and “pretty” becomes too vague? What you find “beautiful” might not appear the same to another. What the others find “pretty” might not match your personality or taste.

Since things are this complicated, how can buying a wedding ring be a matter of haste? Do consider the below ring settings and gemstone delights to hunt for your ultimate ring finger pride.

Solitaire Wedding Rings

Solitaire rings are evergreen in whatever way they are designed. While classic round diamonds are one of the most coveted solitaire ring settings, brilliant-cut ruby solitaire ring are bound to distract even the ignorant ones.

An oval-cut aquamarine stone ring set in a pave diamond band is a paramount expression of blissfulness. Similarly, a symmetrically cut color-shifting alexandrite ring in yellow or rose gold is an optimum blend of perfection and attraction.

Three Stone Wedding Rings

Add-ons are not always a hassle especially if it is a three-stone wedding ring and once you know it carries a symbolism then it's a definite yes!!! A three-stone wedding ring in any gemstone is symbolic of the couple’s past, present and future.

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Such a ring generally features three gemstones with a big centerstone, which could be a colored gemstone along with two smaller side stones that could be versatile diamonds or contrasting colored gemstones.

Wedding Rings in Halo Settings

Are you into intricate designs and detailing? A massive centerstone with dainty gemstones encircling it can create a masterpiece you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Think of a cushion-cut sapphire ring with a diamond halo set in a gold metal band, what a terrific combination it makes!

Similarly, a round-cut vibrant green-hued emerald ring with a diamond halo in a platinum band might cost you significantly but will be an absolute blessing for generations to come.

Toi Et Moi Wedding Rings

Are you beginning to write a new chapter of your life with your partner? What’s a better way to welcome the odds in your relationship if not with a “Toi Et Moi ring? This “You and Me” enchantment is a historical symbol of a romantic connection between two individuals for life.

Such a ring design features two equally big but not necessarily the same gemstones set in a metal band representing both the married partners. The duo can be a colorless diamond and a colored gemstone or simply the birthstones of the two individuals.

End Note

Purchasing wedding rings is not a simple affair especially if you are not sure what you want to purchase at the reputed online jewelry store, the treasure hunt might drain you. Either you fail to find anything that strikes your interest or there are just too many likable designs for you to choose your ideal one from.

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Whatever your reason is, there is no harm in browsing for an enticing collection of wedding rings in precious stones as well as a variety of semi-precious gemstones.

Navigate through the menu and you will find lots of ring settings and gemstone cuts to try out your personalized wedding ring design and fix the deal with our expert jewelry designers. We promise to turn your imagination into a wedding ring as pretty as you pictured it.

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