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Christmas and New Year's Eve Jewelry Gift Ideas

Christmas And New Year Eve Jewelry Gifts Guide

By Eric BakerPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

The year is reaching its end and the festivities are around the corner. Thanksgiving and the holiday season have already kindled joy & excitement in our hearts and now Christmas followed by New Year’s Eve is knocking at our doors with a promise to bring in more happiness and celebration. What multiplies the festive vibes are the warm wishes and gifts exchanged between family and friends on such occasions.

Talking about gifts, the festive market is blooming with a lot of options that are both affordable and attractive. But if you are looking for a lifetime treasurable treat then locking a pricey deal is worth it.

We believe that priceless moments of celebration and togetherness can be best cherished with a timeless piece of jewelry. So how about gifting your dear ones a unique piece of ornament and tradition this Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

Christmas & New Year’s Eve

It’s Christmas evening, the ambiance is lit with decorative green Christmas trees and dear Santa is frolicking in his red & white customary get-up. It calls for a celebration of red, white and green hues with full fervor.

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And guess what, with the new year around, you have the whole freedom to bring in and add many colors to yours as well as others' lives with colorful gemstone-inspired jewelry. Here we are presenting you with some gorgeous New Year’s Eve and Christmas jewelry gift ideas.

Gemstone Bracelets

Enjoy the festive feast with your near and dear ones this season with gemstone bracelets featuring colorful natural gemstones. Go for a sapphire tennis bracelet to greet the new year with a blast of colors in blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, etc.

Classic round and oval cut diamond eternity bracelets are timeless celebratory jewelry for the festive season. How about curating a cross-link tanzanite bracelet as a New Year’s Eve gift? You can also pick ruby and emerald diamond halo bracelets for your loved one as an ultimate Christmas treat.

Gemstone Earrings

Wanna make your little sister feel like a princess? Let her flaunt her festive jewelry collection like a queen with a pair of emerald-cut emerald earrings from your end. Your mother deserves a jewelry gift that is as special as color-shifting alexandrites, so how about picking the best pair of alexandrite stud earrings for her this New Year?

Get your hands on aesthetic ruby drop earrings for your partner and the Christmas dinner date is all set. Be a head-turner at New Year's party night with a pair of steller diamond hoop earrings and add a dazzling pinch of starlight to the ambiance.

Gemstone Rings

Express your love and commitment towards your wife with emerald-cut ruby rings or get drenched in the rain of love with your lady love with a gift of pink gemstone rings featuring pink sapphire, morganite, pink tourmaline or pink diamond. You can think of a diamond solitaire ring to be presented as a promise ring, an engagement ring or as an anniversary ring to your soulmate.

This festive season, give your gemstone dreams hype with two-stone Toi Et Moi rings, three-stone or trilogy rings, dainty cluster rings and chunky cocktail rings. Take eternal love inspiration from infinity knot rings or customize your designs as personalized rings featuring your favorite precious or semi-precious gemstones.

Gemstone Pendants

If love and affection could be expressed in actions, a diamond is the best way out. A natural diamond can break the bank but what about a lab-grown diamond necklace? Bring on the diamond bling for your sweetheart and make a confession that is as dreamy as that of a prince and princess.

Bless your dearest one best wishes with an emerald necklace studded with accent diamonds to make the festive affair extra special. Personalized metal engraved pendants with initials, messages or dates inscribed on them.

End Note

Keep the flames high and let’em light up the sky. With festive hours ticking in and celebration bells ringing in the air, it’s the best time to pick a piece of priceless jewelry for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

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