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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Bands: Tips & Advice

Tips & Advice on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bands

By Eric BakerPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

What has been the most important affair of your life? Was it when you passed high school with A+ grades and got admitted to a prestigious university or when you landed your dream job in one of the fastest-growing MNCs in the world?

Well, academic and professional achievements play a very significant role in molding our careers. But when it comes to the most private matters of our lives, marking a single event that positively impacted our lives for good might not be possible for many of us.

From finding the love of our life to getting married and becoming a parent, there are endless instances to cherish and feel proud about, isn’t it? But if you are yet to live these most awaited moments of your life then here we go with some awesome tips and tricks on choosing wedding bands exclusively for the bride of the night.

Tips & Advice on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bands

What is the most valuable piece of jewelry that you wear every day without a miss? If it is your wedding ring or wedding band then can you tell us exactly what makes your wedding band more valuable than other jewels in your jewelry case? Is it the eternal trail of precious gemstones studded in a precious metal?

Absolutely not, right? It is indeed that invisible bond that binds you indefinitely with your soulmate in the sacred union of matrimony. If you have already found your once-in-a-lifetime love and wish to officiate your relationship with a wedding ceremony then here’s what you need to know before picking a perfect wedding band for yourself.

Finalize Your Budget First: The wedding band is more of a token of your marriage than a piece of fancy jewelry so instead of making it the most expensive jewelry purchase of your life, make it an affordable affair. Make sure you don’t break the bank just to purchase your wedding band when you have so much more to invest in your wedding preparations.

Choose your Style With Comfort Over Size: It is your wedding band we are talking about, something that you will be wearing probably every single day so the design should be simple and convenient to wear rather than something that is too chunky or heavy to carry.

Wedding bands can be of several styles, such as a classic plain metal band without engravings or gemstone embellishments. Then we have an eternity wedding band with a string of gemstones set across the circumference of the metal band. For instance, a blue sapphire wedding band or a diamond wedding band is a good choice as long as you are comfortable wearing it every day.

Complement Wedding Band With Engagement Ring: Since you are going to pair your wedding band with your engagement sparkler, choose a style and design that complements your engagement ring. This is of course a convention and not a rule, but if you are going for stackable rings, then it is a must to get your wedding band designed keeping in mind the style of your engagement ring.

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Blue Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Bands

Opt for Hypoallergenic Metals: Though the metal choice depends on your personal preference or budget, you must always test for metal sensitivity before ordering your engagement ring or wedding band. Hypoallergenic metals are those that do not cause allergic reactions on the skin in most cases and hence are most suitable to be worn every day.

Vintage Heirlooms in Precious Gemstones: Don’t hesitate to go for a vintage ring studded with rubies, emeralds, or blue sapphires. Many brides choose to wear their mother’s or grandmother’s rings as wedding bands.

All you need to do is to make revisions to the ring size or get it polished to increase its lifespan and you will surely be blessed by your ancestors for carrying forward their legacy. An antique ruby wedding band or an emerald wedding band will match whatever attire you will pick.

End Note

Already dreaming about your supreme wedding band? Well, GemsNY has got a grand ready-to-ship collection of engaging wedding bands in precious and semi-precious stones for you to select your ideal pick.

Alternatively, get your ultimate wedding ring custom-made with preferred loose gemstones set in extraordinarily designed settings that perfectly blend with your temperament. Find the best online jewelry stores for a tempting exhibit of wedding bands in precious metals for men and women.

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