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Rock and Roll All Nite

By Angie WilsonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
KISS-themed Wedding Kids Table

Growing up, I loved going to a good wedding. It was so much fun dancing the night away and playing with my sisters, cousins, nieces, and nephews. It felt like we were there for much longer than we ever were because of all the fun we had.

Fast forward several years later, when I was planning my wedding. I wanted my wedding to be one to remember, and to this day, many say it was! I work at a daycare, so children are a huge part of my life. I wanted a wedding reception where kids had as much fun as they could. A reception where parents could kick up their feet and not have to worry about if the kids were bored. I had been to several weddings as an adult where kids never had much to do at weddings other than dance or run around. I knew that we had to do something different for our special day. Our wedding theme was KISS because my husband is the biggest KISS fan. We were already having a candy table full of delicious treats in all of the KISS colors. The kids would love that, but I also knew that I wanted to make a table where kids could have fun while incorporating the KISS them.

Our KISS theme kid's table contained several things that the young ones all loved. It was even a huge hit with the adults! The table was easy to put together. One of the first things I made for the table were KISS masks. I found some thicker plastic white masks online and painted them to resemble the members of KISS. I even included the Ankh Warrior makeup when Vinnie Vincent was a member of KISS. These masks were easy to fit over the faces of both children and adults, with the elastic strong enough to endure a child pulling them on and off their face several times through the night.

Next, since I loved rocking and rolling all nite long when I was a kid at weddings, I found some black and white blow-up guitars. These were a huge hit with kids and adults alike. The colors were perfect, as we incorporated all 6 of the KISS colors (black, white, red, blue, purple, and green) into our special day. These guitars were very sturdy and lasted all night long.

I also added some small bubble containers to the table. I was lucky enough to find them in red, blue, and green.

I am a huge DIY person, therefore, I decided to make my own Ping Pong paddles for the kids. I found a set of them at Oriental Trading Company that were blank. I painted them the four main KISS colors and then added the KISS makeup to each one as well.

Rubber ducks were easy to make into KISS characters, and the younger kids loved them. I was able to find many KISS coloring sheets online, so I printed off a ton of them and made several KISS coloring books. I added several new boxes of crayons to the table too.

Star sunglasses were scattered onto the table, as were rubber bracelets with a rock and roll theme. Next, I added rock and roll stickers, along with several music-themed temporary tattoos.

At the end of the night, the table was empty. The kids were happy to have many items to take home with them, and the parents were thrilled that their kids were easily entertained for the evening. To this day, I still get comments about how our wedding reception was so much fun! And most of these comments are coming from adults who had just as much fun with the wide array of kid's activities!

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