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Just a Cat

But Oh So Much More!

By Angie WilsonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

I don't know about anyone else, but I hate it when I hear someone say it's just a cat. It does not even have to be a cat for that matter. It could be a dog, a rabbit, or any other pet that a person has.

Maybe it is because these people do not have pets of their own. Or perhaps it is inconceivable how one can love an animal so much. I am not sure, but whatever it is, it truly drives me nuts.

Let's take this as an example. The other day I heard a person say they were at their friend's house, and they had a cat. And they were holding it like a baby and loving on it by giving them kisses on the head. They were appalled that the friend was treating the cat like an actual kid!

First of all, as a cat owner, I can assure you I have done this myself. Why? Because my cats are all my fur babies. They are my family. They are my kids. And it is not just because I do not have actual human kids in my home. It is because I feel they are truly family. I have even stayed up all night holding a kitten to make sure it survives the night. Or I have laid all night on the floor with a cat that was dying because I did not want them to be alone. I have just sat in a chair when a cat needed to have a humidifier on so they could breathe better. Both my husband and I will go out of our way just to make sure that our cats are as comfortable as possible if they are sick.

My cats also like it when we do this to them. They love being pampered with kisses and adore us when we hold them.

My cats mean the world to me. I love them with all my heart. True, they are a lot of work. And super expensive. But they are so worth it. The love they give back to me and my husband is unreal.

My cats are probably treated better than some people's kids. They are fed very well and get treats. On several occasions, they are given canned cat food. They get Christmas presents, Santa Kitty comes to them, as does the Easter Bunny. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, they get either turkey or chicken dinners. And several times a year, they have chicken breasts for supper. To say they are spoiled is an understatement. It is not unusual for them to be given a piece or two of steak when we have it either. I even made them a beef roast the other night for supper.

My cats are very well taken care of. They have all been fixed, and when they are sick, they go to the vet. We are great pet parents because we want these babies to have the best lives possible. And they do! In our home, they have a room that is strictly theirs. Here you will find walkways, bridges, and perches for them to get their exercise. We also have a sunning station in front of our large living room window, as well as a swing for them. Generally, each time we are at the store, the cats wind up with one thing or another. Whether this is a new bowl, some toy mice, a soft blanket, or a pet bed, they always get something for themselves.

When I saw the above picture, I have to say I was struck by it. My cats have been with me through some pretty tough times. And they have loved me no matter what. They have been there for me no matter what. They listened to me, cuddled me while I cried, and acted like they truly cared, even when they had no idea what was going on.

My cats will always be by my side. They love me no matter what. This is what family is to me. Therefore, no, they are not just a cat. They are my kids in fur coats. And I honestly do not care what people think of that.


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