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By Manikandan Blog WriterPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Like men, women's sexual desire does not diminish as they age. It's also not true that we think that because we focus on child rearing, our sex drive decreases.

Women aged 45 - 55 are more sexually active than women under 40.

As they grow older, they feel physically and emotionally attached to their partner.

As both get older, the need and pattern of sexual desire changes, and sexual desire does not diminish for either of them.

They want to make changes in their sexual needs according to age.

Men misunderstand that women's concern for children and responsibility for their upbringing is that they are only focused on the child, and their sexual attraction and propensity for sex diminishes with age.

The reason why both of them think and misunderstand each other's sexual attraction is that after having children or getting older, they do not share or discuss their thoughts, likes and sexual preferences with each other.

Understand this and discuss openly that both of you have sexual preferences even as they get older. Give each other the freedom to do so.

Physical intercourse gives a happy and good feeling to everyone, be it women or men. Men especially love it when their female partner makes the first move in bed. During sex, men notice many things about their woman.

They think about it even after sex. Whether it's underwear or nail biting, it's the little things that attract men to women in bed.

Women's sexual satisfaction is not talked about as openly as men's sex lives.

Lustful feelings are common to both men and women. But most men are not interested in knowing about women's sexual desires. Many couples lack openness about sex.

There are still some of the couples who rush into sex at night. Men who do not enjoy lust cannot understand women. What women like about sex.

Just like men, women have a penchant for masturbation. Every woman has different preferences when it comes to sex. Some like to try different positions. Some people like to enjoy touching the body for a long time.

Touching the clitoris during sex is not the only thing some women prefer. Beyond that, there are women who want more. Men should try to get to know women's bodies. Listen to women's desires.

Most women want their partner to listen to them. Expect to understand women's feelings in bed. While women are in pain during intercourse, men are a little more patient and concerned about their wife's body Expect to perform. Ask your partner about their sexual preferences. If you become a husband who adapts to it, the intimacy between you will increase.

After giving birth a woman goes through many physical and mental changes. However, most postpartum problems are temporary and resolve after a few days. But many problems haunt women for a long time even after delivery. This is why postpartum care is so important.

Additionally, postpartum sexual health is often neglected. Doing this for a long time has a bad effect on women's physical and mental health. That is why women should pay attention to their sexual health after childbirth.

Postpartum is the most sensitive time in a woman's life. Once she recovers from labor pains she starts worrying about the baby's care and nutrition. So it will be difficult for her to have sex life.

Women experience bleeding and discharge from the genital area after childbirth. Such advice is given because it is similar to menstruation. And women are more prone to infection because the tissues around the genitals are sensitive after childbirth.

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