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This is the true confession of a wedding videographer who didn't hire someone to film her own wedding.

My Husband and I had the privilege of telling the love story of our dear friends Dustin & Tiffany on their wedding day. 

The most important day of my life has arrived. My groom and I have spent months planing for this single day, ensuring each individual detail is planed paid for and perfect. POOF it flashes by in an instant. A whirl-wind of flowers, dancing, love and cake.

We were married on a mild but windy Easter Sunday afternoon in rural Oklahoma where the wheat fields were glowing this beautiful shade of green and there were intense thunderstorm clouds rising off in the distance. The farm we were married belonged to his aunt & uncle. The barn that we said our vows in was nearly one hundred years old and the Oak trees where we held our reception were over one hundred. I vividly remember so much from that magical day. Hearing the quiver in his voice as he said his vows. I can see the tears rolling down my dad's face as we danced to a song he sang to me as a small child. I still can hear my uncle's voice as he hugged me, told me he loved me and said how proud he was of me. Something now that he's passed away I'd give anything to hear again.

Fast forward a few years and as we make new memories together as a married couple several of the past ones we made seem to fade. I can only hold them so tight to those candid moments with my bridesmaids in the bridal suite laughing and giggling while we have our hair and makeup done over mimosas or of the quirky relatives from out of town who ruled on the dance floor.

Our wedding photos we had were amazing! They turned out absolutely stunning, and did the best they could to capture the authentic and raw emotion but photos they only preserve a snapshot of a moment and a film captures the entire moment to watch over and over again. A priceless memory of your day that you’ll cherish for years to come—one that includes moments I didn't even realize happened.

I can't help but be jealous of my couples for having the hindsight to hire a videographer. It would be amazing to have the emotion of the day told through our guests' eyes, to have our special day preserved to watch and rewatch, even share with our friends and family.

Apparently I'm not alone. It’s not a huge surprise that couples have some budget regrets. A Wedding Planning Survey found that one-third of recently married couples actually wish they spent more money on this one thing: a Wedding Videographer.

Wow. That's 35 percent of couples who admit that if they could do one thing over again, they’d go back and hire someone to film their wedding day. If you choose to heed this wisdom make sure you pick a quality videographer—25 percent of people who did hire videographers still wish they spent more money on the service. That’s something your rarely hear.

In summary if your on the fence or not sure you want to spend the money I would definitely recommend it. Look at it like an insurance policy. You may not watch it all the time but it's there when you need it.

So if you haven't thought about hiring a wedding videographer you definitely should. Photography is amazing but don't underestimate the power of videography it will showcase your wedding in a completely different way.

Wedding videographer is an important part of the vendor team. Telling story in a cinematic way that will become a heirloom to be videoed for years to come—something that includes visuals, sound, and motion truly capturing the moment your forever began.

We want to tell that story, share that emotion, with a film. Connect with us on social media or visit our website.

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Ginny Dorsey
Ginny Dorsey
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