Helpful decoration tips for a wedding venue to make everyone go ‘WOW’

decoration tips for a wedding venue

Helpful decoration tips for a wedding venue to make everyone go ‘WOW’

The idea of a wedding in India is way distinct from what the world sees in the west. Marriages in India are nothing less than a grand festival! It’s a grand affair with a crazy long guest list of family, extended family, relatives and friends, countless and delicious food dishes to keep their tummies happy, and not to forget multiple rituals. Talking about the rituals, they start happening a week before the actual wedding day. The brainstorming to planning the outfit of various functions to decide the venue, from picking up the matching accessories to choosing the decoration of the wedding, it all starts way before the actual D-day. Besides everything, one wishes to make the wedding venue as beautiful as the bride herself.

Now, coming on to the decoration part. With floral theme based decoration, the probability of anything going wrong comes down to zero. From flowering the wedding stage to draperies, everything needs to be double-checked. Flowers prove to be the best gifting and decorative element. Not just that, receiving flowers or gifting flowers can change your mood in just no seconds. Are you looking for enchanting flowers for someone special? Get online flower delivery in Gurgaon and bring a radiating smile on their faces. So, below is provided the decoration ideas and a checklist that will help you make your wedding venue shine bright like stars?


Don’t you agree that drapes and canopies together give a “ready for a wedding” look to any wedding venue? Venues look incomplete without them since they redd up the venue. Also, when the drapes are well coordinated with the color theme of the decoration, then there is nothing you require more.

Note: Red and Yellow, these two colors are trending and turn out best together. When intercepted with flowers and sparkling lights, they tend to become an unbeatable decorative combo for a wedding venue. Regal looking canopies are the best choice for those who are planning for an outdoor wedding.

2. Lights:

Lights come as an important part of a wedding. I truly would leave my future spouse at the mandap if my wedding setting isn't loaded with pixie lights. The greatest advantage of having lights as a dominated decoration feature is that they make the place or a scene look greater than they really are. Though depending on the vibe of the wedding scene, the lighting type changes. To include beautifying components in a wedding setting, glowing trees with lights and window hangings can be mulled over. Gorgeous lamps can be held tight at the passage of the bride and groom's entrance. Putting candles on the supper table will include the romantic essence as candles are good at that, and that is what weddings all are about. In the event that you need it to have all the more a conventional look, at that point, you can supplant candles with 'customary Diyas.' So, there is a not insignificant rundown of ornamental thoughts that can be executed utilizing these blossoms.

3. The Stage:

The stage where the bride and groom sit at a wedding is, without a doubt, the focal point of the whole scene. It must be impeccable and flawless as it conveys the duty of displaying the lady of the hour and the lucky man. As the stage is the main spot where the couple presites and receives warm wishes from friends and family members. This is the spot which captured the most, so keeping the most extreme significance of the enrichment of this spot at the top of the priority list, makes the stage eye-appealing. The seat on which the lady and the man of the hour are to be situated can likewise be adorned utilizing captivating fresh blooms.

4. The Mandap:

When it comes to the mandap, everything else is of secondary importance. The actual wedding takes place here only. Different creative ideas can be applied while decorating the mandap. Silk, satin, chiffon material can be used while preparing the canopy for the mandap. Garlands made of real flowers such as marigold and jasmine can also be used in a net form to decorate the mandap. So, when we can use flowers to decorate the most important element of a wedding, then what are you thinking of? Get online flower delivery in ghaziabad and turn your mandap all flowery and aromatic.

So, when you choose flowers and lights as your main theme of the decoration, spit your worries away. Properly mapped fresh blooms based theme can turn your wedding into the dream wedding you have always wanted.

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