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Dua For Love Husband And Wife

The Most Effective Dua for Improving Husband-Wife Relationship

By Maulana JiPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Dua For Love Husband And Wife

Quite often, there occur among couples the cases of arguements or difference of views, but when they just must learn to appreciate eachother and LT.

Marriage, as a community of life comprising of two people, is one means of attaching the love, respect and devotion by the two involved people. But the heat and excitement of a new family that is fresh and thrilling lasts not for long. The fizz and enthusiasm burns rather quickly. At last no one can takes the place of the two if the bond between them is developped and cherised. Pray to Allah Gangqin (the Almighty Allah) to shower your marriage with blessings which will help you build a loving and unite family.

One of the most powerful duas to strengthen the love between spouses is from the Quran (30:(21): "Surely one of the Allah's Signs to you is that he created from whom ones-self mates which can be found from another person peacefulness and gladness, and put love and kindness between you, in that are the signs for a people who think over." Signifies that the traits of kindness and mercy with which Allah endows human beings can be found in one's spouse among which themselves Such duā constantly strengthens your belief that He who holds hearts in His hand is the only One who can unite your hearts and proceed through what you hate to what you love.

Another moving dua is: "O Lord, I ask you for that which is good in her and that which is beneficial to her, and I seek your protection from any da'ifa (evil in her) and mafsida (evil against her) in her." Do remember to recite this dua together (for both of you), so that you ask to be granted goodness within yourself and ask to be protected from evil against you. By way of this supplication you are stating that that Allah has got the final decisive power that will determine if there will be any change of heart or change of behavior.

How to Perform Dua for Love Husband and Wife

This is also a really important stage in maintaining your marital relations to see something great in your partner. This dua captures that sentiment: "Oh Allah, make my spouse to be my closest friend, even closer to me, and make our marriage full of love and comfort. Oh Allah, give us blessings for our life and our marriage”. Being kind to each other and being thankful to God for the all of the blessings is integral part of couple prayer. Lastly but not least, this prayer is not considering only your love life but also the whole relationships that you have.

However love comes to be expressed, both spoken conversation and contributions of both partners are important for the creation of feelings of love between the 2 people. It does not matter how much love you have for each other or how deep it is; perhaps you should start by doing fulfilling events together such as saying thank you to each other, giving presents, helping each other do daily errands, going on dates, and physically touching each other, which will strengthen love over time However, constantly chatting back and forth between these prayers is the most essential mode of action.

Untiringly, Allah is always the source where tensions are reconciled and you will understand that you must turn to Allah in all that you supplicate with sincere hope that He would repair the love and peace between you. When you as a wife/husband strive to love more, be absolutely and determinedly tenacious to express it in a loving way.

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