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Who is COOL GLAMOR? Where is COOL GLAMOR from?

COOL GLAMOR, a brand of beauty devices

By COOL GLAMORPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The pursuit of higher-level shaping has become a trend, and there are more and more methods and devices. With the development of medical aesthetics, many technologies have matured, but there are still many friends who are not able to undergo surgery and are more worried about safety issues. If you don't want to undergo surgery to shape your body, is there no other way? Of course not, today I will introduce to you the latest technology equipment for reducing fat and increasing muscle - COOL GLAMOR, which is a non-invasive process and makes you beautiful easily!

What is the brand of COOL GLAMOR?

COOL GLAMOR is the world's leading fat-reducing and shaping device, which has achieved a breakthrough in one machine with two effects. Through the perfect combination of cryogenic fat reduction and high-focus electromagnetic technology, fat cells are frozen at low temperatures, and the thickness of the fat layer is reduced through its natural metabolism and excreted from the body.

At the same time, high-energy electromagnetic energy acts on the muscle group for the second time, stimulating the growth of muscle fibers, consuming excess fat, and achieving sustainable muscular body shaping. Both are very strong, with visible results and high satisfaction rates. Science proves they work. But when these two technologies are paired, you can really see the power of body contouring procedures and how far non-invasive fat-reduction techniques have come! Electromagnetics may be used in combination with other body contouring treatments, and Freezing is an ideal complement to electromagnetics technology. In fact, you can streamline your body contour significantly by combining these two procedures, producing a slimmer and smoother physique, free of bumps and bulges, and with enhanced muscular strength and definition.

At present, similar devices can only realize one of the functions alone, COOL GLAMOR has already taken the lead!

● 30% more power than other competitors in the market

● Effective Results Guaranteed

● Simultaneously independent parameter setting

● High ROI of a lengthy performance life

● Women: firm bottom and flat stomach

● Men: six pack and much more

Where is COOL GLAMOR from?

COOL GLAMOR is an international brand from Israel. As the swirling center of the "medical research revolution", Israel has made unimaginable breakthroughs in medicine and is a global leader in bio-fusion and development, with more than 600 active medical device companies.

COOL GLAMOR has developed a complete management system of its own in this environment. At the same time, the production company has 15 years of independent research and development experience and overseas market experience, and 100,000+ instruments have been sold in more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

What is the effect of COOL GLAMOR?

COOL GLAMOR treatment can be enjoyed for 30 minutes at a time, which is equivalent to 30,000 abdominal crunches, and 100% of the ultimate muscle contraction, which is 3 times that of normal exercise. This kind of ultra-strong contraction at the limit can reshape the muscles, and make them stronger and firmer, so as to improve the curve. And a single shaping can reduce the fat of a specific part by 20%, basically two to three months, you can control the curve There is a sense of change in the feel, and a more obvious change can be seen when looking at the mirror.

We should realize that shaping should be our higher pursuit than losing weight. COOL GLAMOR is committed to efficient shaping. No need to make up your mind, spend a lot of time, and make a careful plan. COOL GLAMOR only brings you an experience that enjoys your own shaping journey in a simple afternoon.

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