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The Future of Brushing Your Teeth

The Next Generation of Oral Hygiene

By Rick Henry Christopher Published 3 years ago 3 min read

The Future of Brushing Your Teeth

I wake up every morning and grab my toothbrush, squeeze a little toothpaste out of the tube and begin brushing. I brush up and down, back and forth. I get all the way to the teeth in the back. I even brush my tongue.

The basic style of the toothbrush I use every morning has not changed much since childhood. Some have bristles that go in different directions, have various bristle textures, a scraper for your tongue, or have various shaped and angled handles. But overall, the basic style of the toothbrush has not changed much.

Before the toothbrush was invented various methods of oral hygiene had been used. Animal bones, bird feathers, oyster shells, porcupine quills, powder made from burnt eggshells, sticks with frayed ends, and tree twigs. I could just see me tickling my teeth with a bird feather.

From the days of twigs and eggshells up until the early 1900s the proverbial "toothbrush" went through a lot of changes. But since then, the toothbrush has remained basically the same. Not a lot of advancement in that field.

Makes me wonder why that is so. Could it be that this is as good as it gets? Have we reached the pinnacle in "toothbrushdom"?

To be fair, there have been some advancements such as the electric toothbrush. No change in the toothbrush itself - just added a little motor to it. I still prefer my old-school toothbrush over the electric model.

So, what does the future hold for toothbrushes? Will we still be using the same plastic device 50 years from now?

Maybe a fluoridated stick? The prehistoric meets the future. Well, maybe that's not the answer.

How about a remote-control powered toothbrush that glides right over your teeth with the push of a button? I guess maybe that won't work either.

However, I did some research, and I found a few interesting developments.

Let me start with one called 360 Sonic Brush Pro. This is an interesting, space-age looking device that you insert into your mouth, and it does its work in less than a minute.

What is the 360 Sonic Brush Pro? It's a personal robot dentist that takes care of your teeth and gums by covering them 360 degrees and brushing in 45 seconds.

Only 45 seconds? I was always told I needed to brush my teeth for two minutes. Am I going to be robbing my teeth of precious cleansing time?

The 360 Sonic Brush comes in four nifty colors: blue, pink, black, white.

Link to the 360 Sonic

Here's a video I dug up on this:

The next toothbrush is a Micro-Nano toothbrush by a company named Raoyi. This toothbrush has 20,000 extra-soft bristles. Boy, do those bristles ever look soft! It might make a nice little bed for a ladybug.

That's a lot of bristles and they look like they might cover your teeth really well as you brush. Supposedly, the 20,000 bristles cover the teeth in all directions.

Link to the Raoyi Micro Nano

I unearthed this video on the Nano...

The toothbrush I am most excited about is the Triple Bristle toothbrush. This unique, triple-head design makes it easy to clean all sides of your teeth at once. The plus: I like the way the three heads open up...it looks like a claw.

Link to the Triple Bristle

Here's an informative video I found:

The Triple Bristle seems to be most effective at cleaning the teeth, and it seemed to get more positive reviews than the others.

In the end, after reviewing these three toothbrushes, as well as several others that just did not make the cut, such as the activated-charcoal toothbrush, I came to the conclusion that the Triple Bristle toothbrush is the one paving the future for oral hygiene.

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  • Heather Hublerabout a year ago

    That was a fun and interesting read! I chuckled at your ladybug comment and the one looking like a claw. Thanks for sharing!

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