The Best Pain Creams On the Market

by Jason A 8 months ago in product review

Personal experience has been a great teacher.

The Best Pain Creams On the Market

During pretty much every show on television, you are likely to see several commercials advertising some sort of pain remedy, whether that be a pill, rub or device. They all promise to be the best thing you’ll ever try. Well, it’s just a simple fact that not everything can be the best.

Sure, I am not someone who suffers from pain on a daily basis. However, I have had my share and have experimented with several remedies I found out about through various forms of advertisements, recommendations from friends and in a few cases, the advice of people I trust in the medical field.

These three products are some I would like to share in order to help others get the most out of their over-the-counter options for pain relief.

The best rub by far, in my opinion, is a product called Triflora. Now, there are two things you need to know. Chances are, you probably won’t be able to rush out and buy this at your local pharmacy or big box store. It is something of a specialty item I would have never found out about if it hadn’t come at the recommendation of a massage therapist friend. You might have to go to a shop that sells more herbal and natural items or you can always use Amazon. The other issue that may or may not be applicable to you is that you should avoid this item if you have any real sensitivity to poison ivy. The ingredients contain some content extracted from the plant. But, if you don’t have any worries in that regard, this will likely be the most incredible pain relief you will find from a topical, over-the-counter product. When I was told it will start working in seconds and has helped people filled with arthritis, I had my doubts. When I gave it a shot, I found out that it’s the real deal. Best of all, it’s super affordable.

The second best rub comes in a jar and costs a bit more than Triflora but also came at the recommendation of the same massage therapist. This one is called Somba and has a light but not intrusive scent. You don’t need much to do the job and unlike the first product, you don’t have to worry about any wacky allergic reactions. At least not any more than the other items out there. You can probably find this a little easier but it still isn’t likely to be at your corner drug store.

Last but not least is a rub that is much more widely known and advertised. And yes, just like the commercials say, it won’t make you stink. If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m referring to Blue Emu. This is the most expensive of the options I mention here, but also the easiest one to find. At first, the white jars with blue labels were a bit hard to locate but now you can find them in pretty much any drug store, big box store, grocery retailer and more. It’s not quite as potent as the other two, but still does the trick for most types of joint and muscular ailments. I know people who have been pretty beaten up that use this item loyally.

At the risk of disparaging any products, I would stay away from generic forms of Arnica as that while it can give you a nice level of relief, it can also burn the skin if you use too much or use it incorrectly. And as for Australian Dream, the only dream is that it might actually work. Obviously, it helps some people since they have a very generous money back deal but for me, it didn’t do much.

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