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A review from someone physically healthy.

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 3 min read

Like many, at the beginning of the year, I aspire to lose weight and get into better physical shape. At forty-eight it's a good goal to have for a lot of reasons; longevity, ability, quality of life, and common sense. Most of us just want to live our best possible life. So why not try whatever is offered?

Here's the ingredient list of this, what I would call a dangerous, supplement. TestoMax is put out by Hotsku, which is owned by Blue Tower Holdings LLC in Jordan Utah.

Yohimbe 5.4mg

L-Arginine .33g

Then comes their "proprietary test stack".

Muira Puama Root 10:1 extract.

Catuaba Bark 4:1 extract.

Guarana Seed

Ginger Root

We all know that as men age, decreased testosterone levels are tied to lower energy, lower drive, less muscle tone, and a decreased sex drive. Who, I dare asks, wants that to happen. So, as I was looking to fight that which well all are subject to, time, I looked at TestoMax. The ingredients were familiar and everything seemed well within healthy ranges. Then, after getting it, comes the time to actually test it out, taking the first dose.

It was eight o'clock on a Saturday morning and I decided this was going to be the day I tried this new product. It's a one capsule dosage to be taken with a glass of water. I followed the instructions and took one pill as I got ready to start my day. Saturdays are usually house chores, a quick run to the store for supplies, and the laundry during the earlier portion of the day. Should be able to handle any effects I physically feel, or so that was the thought I had when I took my first dose.

Thirty-minutes into my day I had a pronounced reaction to the pill. There was absolutely, positively, nothing subtle about the way it made me feel. I could feel my heart rate elevate, exhaustion setting quickly into my body. Just a slow walk through a moderately populated store seemed to give me a headache and I found it hard to focus on where I was and what I was doing. Retail stores aren't known for being kept at uncomfortable temperatures and the temperature outdoors, thirty-three degrees was not unusually cold for winters in Illinois. Yet, I found myself shivering and my extremities felt cold to the touch. I noticed a markedly higher amount of salivation, almost like a dog drooling all over the damn place and my nose started to run like a faucet. What, I wondered, was that about?

By nine-thirty I was certain that I wasn't ill and that the experience I had was due to the reaction to the dietary supplement, the TestoMax pill I had taken. As my day went on, I found myself suffering such an elevated saliva level, it was causing me to feel nauseated. I rarely vomit so when the dry heaves kicked in I swore I wasn't taking another one of these. The most uncomfortable of the effects went unnoticed until nearly twelve noon.

If you've ever had the sensation to urinate and not been able to then you know how uncomfortable things got. I needed to go like a college kid after twenty beers. Trying was all I could muster, however, as things just weren't moving much. Suddenly, I felt like a man in my late fifties or sixties, suffering the effects of an enlarged prostate gland. After the first couple of hours, I realize that the amount of sweating and fluid loss I had felt had left things not functioning normally.

Suffice to say, I would not by any means recommend taking this supplement and hope that the company has a return policy that is easy to manage. If you're going to, no matter how healthy you may feel, consult a doctor first. The warnings on all supplements, yet I don't know that we all follow the warnings.

By the way, the effect of this, has now lasted for seven hours and counting.

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