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Sitopaladi Churna: This Traditional Medicine Helps You Breathe !

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Health Benefits of sitopaladi !

Sitopaladi powder is an effective remedy for lung diseases, indigestion and allergies. The main role of this charna is to increase the capacity of the lungs, improve the function of the lungs and strengthen the immune system.

Mishri, vankshalochana, (white part of bamboo) pepper, cardamom and cinnamom are all present in the sitopaladi charna. All these ingredients taken in the right proportions are dried and thrown into the charna.

Sitopaladi is a high-performance immunomodulator and high-performance charcoal that utilizes the power of five-compounds. Although White pepper and cinnamon act as ornamental bs herbs, the cardamom is an anti-oxident agent, which protects against radical damage and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Mishri can balance kapha and vata doshas, and Vankshalochana that have healing properties.

# Healing Benefits Of Sitopaladi

1. Respiratory health

The sitopaladi reticulum is widely used in traditional medicine to treat respiratory problems such as influenza, chest overload, pneumonia, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. This expectorant soothes sputum and has anti-inflammatory properties in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Additionally, cytoplasmic acid can relieve cough.

2. Avoid allergies

Sitopaladi powder is a natural way to treat allergies. Evidence has shown that the antihistamine properties of cytoplasmic acid inhibit the release of inflammatory mediators and regulate various allergic symptoms.

3. Promotes digestion

Sitopaladi charna is invaluable in solving digestive problems. This amazing step is reliable in removing toxins from the digestive tract, appetite and system. Additionally, its carminative properties treat digestive problems such as gas and esophagus.

4. Fights Inflammation

The powerful antioxidant properties of the cytoplasmic gut are beneficial in fighting chronic inflammation. Numerous studies have shown that Sitopaladi is the best way to improve your overall health and well-being.

5. Anemia treatment

Most of the substances in the Sitopaladi churna is an excellent mixture of minerals that effectively improve hemoglobin levels. Regular dry consumption can help overcome fatigue, irritability and lack of energy. Evidence shows that miraculous compounds can support the absorption of iron by the body.

6. Chronic Fevers

Jazad Bhasma, Praval Pishti and Sitopaladi Churna are good for stomach ache. It has a negative content when it gains starch, but the cytoplasty's main role is to help the body absorb and eliminate toxins that cause fever. Many people with a low fever suffer from fatigue, malaise, appetite and weakness. Cytoplasmic reticulum is the drug of choice in such cases. The following combinations are beneficial for chronic and mild fever.

# Effect On Doshas:

Sitopaladi powder contains both sugar (e.g. sugar) and bitter juice (e.g. bitter gourd), and cotton wool (e.g. air, volume). multiply and eliminate the negative effects of AMA (i.e. harmful toxins) from the body. Benefits).

# Dosage Per Day

Adult :- 1 to 2 grams a day

Chlidren :- 250 to 500 milligrams a day

# For Dry Cough

You can add 5 ml of ghee or 2 teaspoons of honey, take 2 g of cytoplasty or as prescribed by your doctor.

# For Wet or Productive Cough

# Conclusion

Sitopaladi powder is a traditional herbal preparation for cough, asthma, tonsillitis, anorexia, indigestion, high fever, sore throat and tuberculosis. It helps to get rid of the accumulation of mucus and saliva in the throat and nasal cavity.

# Safety

Sitopaladi is always safe to all people if taken in a limit. No allergies or infections are caused due to the intake of sitopaladi. There are no such side effects of in-taking of sitopaladi.

1. Side Effects: There are none side effects of sitopaladiif the person eats in the proper dosage. Sitopaladi is also known as one of the best and safe Ayurveda medicines

Thank you for reading this article.

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